Smartphone Personal Trainer Apps vs. Z Physique Online Training

You want to start an exercise program. You may be thinking of downloading one of the personal trainer apps offered on your phone. There are many to choose from and some are very well done.  They offer pre-made workouts; exercise descriptions (some even have video), ability to log your workouts, etc. This option can work well for someone who is self motivated and has some experience working out.  What happens when you have questions, or need a workout that addresses your individual needs and equipment you have available? They may have some great workouts, but if you don’t have the equipment available, or have someone to explain how to use it, it may not provide the desired results.

The difference you find with my online program is that your workout is prepared just for you and the equipment you have available. Also, you are not alone.  You always have me to bounce your questions and ideas off of. When you need extra motivation, I am just an email away.  My program also has a mobile feature, so that you can access your workout and journal wherever you are at.  This feature is great for those workouts at the gym or Local Park. Check out all the features of my online program.

You may be able to download the Smartphone app for a one time small fee or even free, but with my online membership, you are never alone and everything is customized for your individual needs and goals. Why not give it a try today and take the first step towards making fitness part of your lifestyle change.

***Update July 2015: This online program has been replaced with Z FIT Fitness App.

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