Online Weight Loss Programs

Choosing from dozens of online weight loss programs can be a difficult task. If you’re new to the idea of online fitness membership, you should look for the following features when selecting a program:

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Balanced diet and recipes

Your online fitness membership should provide a balanced diet. It should include all major food groups and suggestions of ingredients that will help you lose weight. At all cost, avoid programs that force you to starve as a way to lose weight.


The best weight loss program shouldn’t restrict you to limited food options. Also, choose one that lets you integrate diet and exercise into your daily schedule. The main goal of online weight loss programs is to promote wellness despite busy schedules.

Tailored exercises

Aside from diet, an online fitness program should have tailored exercises that suit each body type. Also, it should factor in the possible conditions that their members would be experiencing.

Reasonable price

The likes of Z-Physique offer their program for a very small price. In fact, you can even choose between plans for as low as $10 a month. This is inclusive of recipes, exercises, tips, and more resources updated weekly.

Social support

The weight loss membership should have a community for its members. Here, each member will have the freedom to share their experiences and personal tips about the program. Most of all, there should be a real coach that the member can contact should questions arise.

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Tips to find the best online weight loss plan for you

If you’re scouting for a weight loss program that will suit you, keep the following tips in mind:

-Ask the opinion of your doctor

This is imperative, especially for individuals with lingering conditions. A physician can advise ahead about the things you should avoid.

Also, your doctor can give you a checklist that you can use in finding the right weight loss program.

-Avoid a weight loss membership that asks you to purchase products

If a weight loss membership forces you to purchase their product for access, look elsewhere. This means that they are just up for profit and not in supporting the weight loss goals of their members.

Z-Physique is one of the rare weight loss programs that won’t ask you to purchase a product or service. Although they have a health store, purchasing is up to you.

-Pick a program that considers your physical conditions

Aside from consulting with your physician, sign up to a program that takes into account the health conditions of its members. This is only possible if there’s a real coach that you can contact. If not, their program is just templated which can be harmful to your health.

-Inquire about the number of people who completed the program

The number of people who actually finished the program or have trusted the program speaks a lot about the membership’s credibility.

Always remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all program for everyone who wants to lose weight. Everything should be tailor-fit to your needs. If you want to get started with a fitness program, consider Z-Physique.