Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) Review

Sharks and ninjas are cool. So it would stand to reason that a high powered blender from a company called SharkNinja would deserve some scrutiny, and possibly a spot on your kitchen counter. This review covers the Ninja Professional Blender model BL660, a high-capacity blending machine with a handy single serve setting that is a consistent bestseller in the Countertop Blenders section on Amazon.

Key Elements of the Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

* Powerful 1,100 watt engine

* Extra-large 72 ounce capacity carafe

* BPA-free and dishwasher safe construction

* Crushes ice, and whole fruits and vegetables

* Includes 2 Nutri Ninja cups with secure to-go lids

What Makes the Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) a Smart Buy?

Owning anything with the word “ninja” in its title is worthwhile. A ninja-labeled product is even more worthwhile when it works great, makes your life easier, and offers some handy features not found on similar items. For those reasons and others, the Ninja Professional Blender (model number BL660) makes a smart addition to your kitchen if you are looking to purchase a blender.

Sometimes it makes sense to let previous purchasers do your homework for you, buying and trying out a product, then sharing their thoughts with you. So, what do your neighbors think? Well, more than 3,571 purchasers on Amazon have given this high powered blender a noteworthy 4.5 customer satisfaction rating (out of a possible 5.0 score). Verified purchasers on Amazon had the following things to say …

  • “It can quite literally turn ice to snow in a matter of seconds.”
  • “Every piece in this thing just feels like great quality.”
  • “I like that it came with the single serve option.”
  • “I LOVE having the option of the large pitcher or two smaller cups.”
  • “By far the best blender I’ve ever used.”

Some of the reasons for those positive statements include an affordable price tag, a 1 year warranty, and BPA-free, dishwasher safe construction. You also receive 2 to-go cups with secure lids so you can go straight from blender to belly without worrying about spills as you move through your busy daily routine.

The Single Serve setting is nice if you just want to whip together a healthy smoothie or beverage for yourself. On the other hand, the 6 blade blending technology can quickly produce drinks for several in the large capacity 72 ounce carafe. If you expect a lot out of your blender, but don’t want to pay a lot for high performance features, you may want to consider the Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) a worthwhile addition to your kitchen’s small appliance lineup.