Here’s How You Can Refocus on Wellness Post-Quarantine

People like to joke about the “quarantine 15,” but the truth is that many people have gained unwelcome pounds during their self-isolation. Now that society is beginning to reopen, it might be time to take action and reclaim your wellness routine. Here’s how you can do it.

Get Support from a Pro

Having support for your weight loss goals is crucial. At the same time, group fitness classes or meetups with friends might not be possible in your area yet due to social distancing guidelines. Or you may want to reduce your risk further by sticking close to home. Fortunately, you can use job boards to find nutrition experts like freelance dietitians who can work with you on a custom weight loss plan. You could also find a physical trainer or yoga instructor to deliver virtual lessons and even workout routines personalized for your needs.

Work Fitness in at Home

Whether you’re following one of the incredible online weight loss programs offered by Z Physique or you’re going it alone, working out will likely need to happen at home. Many gyms remain closed, and even the ones that are reopening might not be the safest place to shed your self-isolation weight. Plenty of germs flourish in gyms, after all, explains Shape. From buying fitness equipment to using household items for your workout, it’s easy to get moving at home. If you can take the heat, you can even head outside for a backyard workout or neighborhood run (while practicing proper social distancing, of course).

Choose Healthier Menu Items

Part of the reasoning behind the quarantine 15 (or more) is that everyone’s been at home snacking during isolation. If you’ve had a few too many sugary or high-fat snacks, now is the time to embrace healthier eating habits. Instead of baking another batch of bread like everyone else in quarantine, turn to healthier staples for your meals.

Adding dried grains to your pantry, for example, ensures you’re always prepared for high-fiber and nutritionally sound menu items. With recipes for rice and other dried grains, you have a built-in centerpiece for each meal.

Grabbing good-for-you snacks that are easy to prepare is another great tip for weight loss. From energy balls and granola bars to apple nachos, your snacks don’t have to be boring, either. Increasing your water intake is another simple yet healthy way to encourage weight loss — and curb unnecessary snacking. For even better odds at burning fat, drink cold water — experts say cold H20 forces your body to burn calories by warming the water before it can be absorbed.

Maintain Your Motivation

Getting motivated to lose weight might start with stepping on a scale or taking a critical look in the mirror. But to maintain your motivation over time, you need more than surface-level inspiration. As Psychology Today explains, extrinsic motivation — that people-pleasing part of your weight loss effort — isn’t the most effective way to stay on track. Instead, you need intrinsic motivation, the kind that comes from inside.

Recognizing your personal goals for weight loss and keeping yourself amped up for the challenge is an excellent start. It will also yield better results than a promise to your workout partner that you’ll stay away from the cheese puffs. You can also promise yourself small rewards; just make them non-food rewards like workout clothes or kitchen tools.

The most important part of your post-quarantine weight loss journey is getting started. Then, it’s all about maintaining momentum (and healthy eating habits). Fortunately, these tips are a great place to start, even when you’re still isolating at home.

Photo via Pexels