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Online Course Empowers People Through Education for Total Control

Over Their Weight, Health and Overall Lifestyle

Gilbert, AZ — 11/27/17 – Z Physique LLC – a leader in professional health education,

fitness and lifestyle, announced today the launch of its ONBOARD 101 health

education course.

As the name implies, the online, 12-session curriculum helps people get “onboard” with

their own bodies by learning more about basic human physiology.

“The truth is, most people know more about how their smartphones operate than how

their own bodies function,” said Evan Zingman, owner of Z Physique LLC.

“Our goal is to empower our clients/members through education resulting in total control

over their weight, health and overall lifestyle.”

The ONBOARD 101 Course provides an online, multi-media education teaching the

basics of human physiology in a fun, interactive and easy-to-understand format


• Automated Online Content

• High Definition Videos

• Multiple Choice Quizzes

• Validation Points and Badges (gamification system)

The course is specifically designed to help people understand the real physiology

behind long-term weight-management, health and overall positive lifestyle protocol.

According to Zingman, education is the key. So, the very first step to long-term health

is to understand how the human body actually functions.

ONBOARD 101 is the perfect tool for members/clients to learn the science and

physiology behind managing their weight, increasing energy, handling stress and

creating their own feelings of health and well-being.

Even after the comprehensive 12-session curriculum completed, members/clients can still

access ONBOARD 101 and use it as a “knowledge resource” and refresher.

The online content and high-definition videos display on all digital platforms from mobile

phones, tablets and laptops to desktops and large screen projectors. This allows

participants to access ONBOARD 101 from home, work or anywhere internet access is


About Z Physique LLC

Living a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong journey. At Z Physique, we understand this,

which is why we offer the most comprehensive online apps to provide you with the

foundation and education necessary to help prepare you to achieve optimal health

and wellness. For every individual willing to make the commitment, this is

accomplished through our cutting edge online and mobile program, Onboard 101. In

addition, we offer our premier apps, Z FIT for Online/Mobile Personal Training, and

Z Nutrition which is our Online/Mobile Nutrition System. With Z Physique, you not

only have access to state of the art apps and resources, you are never alone with

our exceptional personal service.


Evan Zingman, Founder & CEO, NSCA-CPT, B.S.

Z Physique LLC


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