Getting the most out of your functional fitness workouts

If you’re looking for noticeable weight loss, fitness for the long term and a feeling of wellness, then functional fitness workouts are what you should be finding out more about. In one session, you could do anything between 5 to 10 different types of exercises that improve the way all your muscles work together – that brings about better coordination. And you can incorporate functional training along with your regular workout routines.

Everybody at some time in their life dreams of their body looking beautiful – well- proportioned, lean, tanned, healthy and envied by others. With functional fitness workouts, you are actually improving the way you will perform your functions at work or home, even better. People want to avoid accidents or stress to the body, disabling them from doing their normal jobs. To achieve that, apart from the benefits of functional fitness workouts, they will also need to look at other important aspects such as the right diet with sufficient amounts of rest and recreation.

What is meant by functional fitness training or workouts?

In functional fitness workouts, your bodily muscles are trained to all work hand in hand as you go about your daily tasks. As you use the different muscles in both your upper and lower body together in functional workouts, you are putting emphasis on your core stability. What is core stability you ask? Core stability describes muscle control necessary to make your lumbar spine functionally stable; which in turn will prevent you getting pain in your lower back. Functional exercise training will involve weight-bearing exercises aimed at core stability of your lower back and abdomen. Health experts believe that natural weights lifting like loading and offloading furniture off a truck for instance or carrying a child up and down stairs are examples of effective type functional fitness exercises, although using exercise machines is also beneficial.

Strong backs and abdomens help you with your daily activities

In functional training, it is important to concentrate on your back and abdominal muscles, enabling you to cope with the stress of your daily tasks and activities. A strong straight back and abs will certainly help you to achieve this. Another important component of functional training is stretching – the aim is to keep the body elastic and flexible. You often see at sporting events athletes doing stretching exercises before their main event, because it prepares the body for what it is to come.

Eating healthily and resting are important components of functional workouts

Healthy foods make for a healthy body and that means balancing your food intake as well.  You need plenty of the right nutrients for the right energy to perform your functional workouts. Resting is also vital – you need to get enough sleep so that your body has the energy to do your functional workouts and then to perform your work during the day; sometimes even into the night as well.

Experts say that up to 80-percent of the US population will at time stage in their life have a back injury. If you learn the reasons why this happens and then train your body with functional workouts, you are helping to avoid this dilemma in the future. Whether you are a mom at home with children or working all day long at a desk or other job, everyone needs to know how to properly bend down and pick up something from the floor and to lift them up again. Functional movements, therefore, consist of two very important movements and these are the deadlift and the squat.

Are there benefits of functional training?

Yes, certainly. Have a look.

  • Ease in daily tasks
  • Performing activities in a safe, effective and efficient manner
  • Improvement in agility, balance, and strength
  • Quality of life greatly improved

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Maybe it’s time to trade in the treadmill walker or jogging and get down to some high-intensity exercises. It’s all about being a smart and strategic at the gym or at home. For instance, 45-minutes on that treadmill can be converted to more beneficial, quicker high-intensity exercise routine – functional workouts – in only 20 minutes. For brighter, safer and healthier days.

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