Get Moving!

This exclusive 4 Week With Bands program is for Platinum Members Only and is designed by my AMAZING colleague Ro Little, Pn1 PTS FIS canfitpro Associate ProTrainer.

Program details:

  • Get MOVING! is an online fitness program that is designed for those who SIT all day and are looking for a simple and FUN way to add some movement into their days.  Sitting is destroying us - and movement is the medicine!


  • This program is geared primarily to beginner levels but truly everyone who sits a lot can benefit from it.  The workout videos include modifications & intensifications  … and focused mobility sessions are beneficial to everybody!


  • There are 14 movement videos included with this program.   5 workouts, 7 focused mobility sessions, and 2 bonus movement days.
    1. The 5 workouts are:  Get UP!  Get STRONG!  Get BALANCED!  Just MOVE!  And Get Centered!  In these workouts, we’re literally using a chair - and getting up out of it!  These workouts are all designed to be FUN and effective for those who are used to just sitting.
    2. Included in this program are 7 (yes SEVEN!!) targeted mobility sessions!!  Everyone is going to feel SO GOOD from this program!!  The 7 focused sessions are:  Shoulders, Hips, Back, Core, Upper focus, Lower focus, and Wrists & Ankles.
    3. We’ve also included 2 BONUS Movement days.  These are to encourage FUN in movement.  The bonus days are GET OUTSIDE and GET DANCING!


  • Designed for anyone, anywhere to get an incredible workout - even with limited space and a zero budget for equipment.  Perfect for home, work or travel workouts.


  • EQUIPMENT:  The only equipment needed in this program is a sturdy chair and a yoga mat or soft surface.  


  • Workout times average about 15-25 minutes each … and the mobility sessions are around 10 minutes.  Short bursts of movement is all we need for amazing results!


  • There is a 14 day calendar that lists out which workouts and mobility sessions to do each day.  This program is meant to be repeated - as often as you feel you need for your body & health 🙂

Disclaimer: Z Physique LLC offers health, fitness, and nutritional information and is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of health conditions. Please consult your physician or other healthcare professional before beginning or changing any fitness &/or nutrition program to make sure that it is appropriate for your needs. Individual results will vary. Results are not promised or guaranteed.

Module 1 Get Moving (Intro Video & Success Guide)
Unit 1 Intro to Get Moving!
Unit 2 Get Moving! Success Guide
Module 2 Week 1
Unit 1 Monday-Get Up!
Unit 2 Tuesday-Hip Mobility
Unit 3 Wednesday-Get Strong
Unit 4 Thursday-Core Mobility
Unit 5 Friday-Get Dancing
Unit 6 Saturday-Get Balanced
Unit 7 Sunday-Shoulder Mobiity
Module 3 Week 2
Unit 1 Monday-Just Move
Unit 2 Tuesday-Lower Focus Mobiity
Unit 3 Wednesday-Get Centered
Unit 4 Thursday-Back Mobility
Unit 5 Friday-Get Outside
Unit 6 Saturday-Upper Focus
Unit 7 Sunday-Wrists & Ankles