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Can You Drink Hard Seltzers and Stay Fit?

As new hard seltzer brands and flavors emerge, many people are drinking them (or considering drinking them) and wondering about their fitness regimes. They may have researched questions such as Is hard seltzer a better choice of drink? and Can you drink hard seltzer and stay fit?

To answer those questions, you also have to address a logical fallacy regarding the actual effects of hard seltzer on your body. The logical fallacy relates to the idea that in order to be fit, healthy, or in shape you must have an all-or-nothing mentality.

Most things, in moderation, will not ruin your health or chances of staying fit. If you have a drink, a dessert, or an occasional day of little physical activity, you will not change your overall health and wellness. 

It is when your occasional treat turns into a regular habit that health issues such as addiction can emerge. If that occurs, there are many alcohol rehab programs that may be able to help you regain your health and fitness as well as reduce your dependence on alcohol.

Can You Drink Hard Seltzer and Remain Fit?

Yes, assuming you do it in moderation, hard seltzer will not make you fat and it may be a better choice than a carbohydrate-loaded full-calorie beer. But alcohol in any amount affects how your body burns calories and converts fat, so if you are extremely dedicated to losing weight or limiting your body fat, abstaining from alcohol while you meet your fitness goals is a good idea.

Alcoholic drinks such as hard seltzer also do not offer enough hydration during a workout. Drinking while working out could be doing your body a disservice. Even drinks with low amounts of alcohol may be counterproductive when your body needs pure hydration during an intense workout. In addition, if you become buzzed or drunk, your chances of injuries and accidents increase, which may lead to inactivity and further fitness issues.

What Is the Dirty Little Secret About Low- or No-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks?

While your body is processing an alcoholic drink, even if it has zero calories, the body might convert the substance into alcoholic byproducts instead of converting any existing bodily fat. Although the drink might not have calories, drinking it could still produce body fat since the alcoholic drink has compromised the body’s ability to burn calories. Instead, the body has been busy processing alcohol.

Stronger forms of alcohol such as vodka that claim to be a healthy choice for dieters because they do not have calories or carbohydrates are actually harmful to the liver. The drinks may halt your ability to burn fat for up to 12 hours. Continued drinking can lead to possible permanent liver damage.

Softer drinks that have no calories may be the better alternative to stronger options, but they pose their own risks. Alcohol slows the function of the liver. According to the American Liver Foundation, anything that prevents your liver from doing its job can put your life in danger. Preserve your health by only drinking in moderation, and do not assume you can binge because your drinks of choice feature zero or no calories.

There are many alcohol rehab centers and programs to help people who need a bit of help to quit drinking for health and wellness reasons or any reason at all. People who are recovering from addiction could find themselves with whole new outlooks on life.

Many people who are considered health nuts care deeply about their health choices and workout regimes because they were once in a bad place health-wise. If you do not like where you are right now, it does not have to be your future. You can take big and small steps that can turn into lifelong habits.

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