Bigger, Badder Biceps

If you want them, you’ve got to go get them.

For many, big biceps are the essence of strength. Without them, men feel puny and ordinary. With them, feelings of strength and confidence arise.

So what’s the secret to turning your everyday biceps into extraordinary beacons of musculature? There are actually a few little secrets, and you’re about to get an inside peek at them.

Secret #1: Smaller Is Better

Don’t go running away just yet. Despite the name of this secret, this tip is to help you get bigger, badder biceps. Because while you may think more weight means more muscle, you’re wrong when it comes to your biceps. Less weight means more biceps. Why? Because of your tendency to cheat yourself out of exercise when lifting an excessive amount of weight. By using a lighter weight when working out your biceps, you can put your biceps through a more complete range of motion, helping them develop properly.

Secret #2: Extension Matters

When working out your favorite muscle, you may have a tendency to pump out as many repetitions as you can, without allowing your arm to extend fully. Unfortunately, throwing up as many curls as you can within 30 seconds without allowing your arm to extend doesn’t let your muscles grow to their potential. When working out your biceps, let your arm extend fully on the way down. A good way to know your arm is fully extended is to flex your triceps with each repetition, which can only be done when your arm is extended. At the pinnacle of a bicep exercise, flex your biceps. These two steps give your biceps an added push to grow bigger and badder.

Secret #3: Give It a Break

Yes, you want your biceps to grow and you want them to grow fast! But working them out each and every day isn’t the way to get it done. In fact, the exact opposite is true. To get your biceps to be their biggest and baddest, you need to give them plenty of rest. Work them out one or two days a week, and leave them alone the rest of the week. During these off days, your biceps are able to recover and grow in size and shape. As the biceps are relatively small muscles compared to many muscles in the body, this extra time off will also help you avoid overuse injuries.

Secret #4: Remember Your Lower Half

Unless you want to wind up looking like Popeye, you’ll need to work out your entire body to get the powerful biceps you desire. Not paying attention to any part of your body but your biceps will cause your biceps to grow out of proportion and give you an unnatural appearance. Also, since you should take a few days off after working out your biceps, keeping the rest of your body in shape in the interim will keep you in the routine of hitting the gym every day. This will make it easier to work out your biceps, since you’ll already be on a schedule.

Secret #5: It Doesn’t Take Weights

While many of the best exercises for your biceps include bars, bells, and weights, there are some exercises that target your biceps without requiring you to lift any metal weight. Instead, exercises such as pull-ups and chin-ups force you to lift your own weight. By pulling your entire weight up and getting your chin over the bar and lowering yourself until your arms are fully extended, you give your biceps an incredible workout.

Eating for Muscle

No matter what muscle you’re trying to grow, you’ve got to eat right to make it happen. In order to get the biggest, baddest biceps on the block, you’re going to have to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, and dairy products.

So what are you waiting for? Start eating right and watch your biceps develop into the big, bad biceps you’ve always dreamed they’d become.

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