A little more information on the dripping wet juicing phenomenon

It seems that just about everybody needs some more fruits and vegetables in their diet. If you’re one of them, you may find yourself wondering how to possibly cram more foods in your daily regimen without quitting your job to become a professional eater.

Well, if you’ve been hunting for a fast and furious way to jam a little more natural goodness into your daily diet, juicing may be just what your diet ordered. What’s all the juice about?

It’s All There. When you juice your favorite (or least favorite) fruit or vegetable, you leave very little behind. Therefore, every sip of your juice is chockfull of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. Since these are some of the main reasons you’re trying to add fruits and vegetables to your diet in the first place, juicing gives you a convenient way to get them all without needing any fancy utensils.

Your Body Gets a Break. The process of breaking down food in order to strip out the vitamins and minerals needed for good health is taxing on your digestive system. When you go with a little juicing, you allow your digestive system to take a break, as the vitamins and minerals are in more readily accessible forms. While your digestive system is relaxing, your body gets to use the energy provided by the juice to do other vital work, such as helping your cells repair themselves.

Juice Will Travel. If you’ve ever had to eat on the run, you know how big a hassle it can be. With juice, much of the problem is eliminated. Since you’re either drinking it out of a glass or through a straw, getting your fruits and veggies doesn’t require as much hand-eye coordination when it’s in juice form. And if you live in a big city, you can likely pick up a good serving of juiced veggies or fruits on your way to work. That way, you don’t even have to worry about keeping fresh ingredients at home for your concoctions.

Weight Loss May Occur. Over the years, a number of people have touted juice’s weight-loss properties. And while juicing may lend itself to weight loss, the reasons aren’t what you may think. When you get hungry or thirsty, what do you eat or drink? If you’re like many people, you grab a small bag of chips or a soda to get rid of your hunger or thirst. By going with some fresh-made juice, you give your body everything it needs to keep going strong, without filling it up with unneeded sugars and other items. Hence why juicing helps you shed pounds.

Cleaning the Machine. Don’t live near a juicing establishment or just want to do juicing on your terms in your own home? You should be prepared to reap all the rewards of juicing that have already been stated. On top of these perks, you should know that keeping your juicer clean is not always an easy task. But when you consider the benefits you’ll get from juicing (which are plentiful), the cleaning is well worth it.

Detrimental Pasteurizing

Love a little orange juice with your breakfast every morning? You may want to know that it’s not doing as much good as a glass of home-squeezed orange juice. What makes the difference? Pasteurization.

During the process of pasteurization, certain bacteria are removed from the juice in order to protect the juice from spoiling while on the store shelf. As great a benefit as this may be, it comes with a cost. Sometimes, the process strips the juice of some of the vitamins and minerals that make drinking juice so important. What should you do to avoid drinking loads of juice that has been stripped of its initial goodness? Grab a juicer and do it yourself.

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