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7 Pillars to Self-Care

How would you score your self-care routine right now? If you’re like many who are struggling to keep up with personal fitness and wellness goals self-care just might be the answer! Self-care is no longer just a buzzword but is used as a vital component to navigating what many are calling the “new normal.” While so many of us have deprioritized our mental health, sleep and fitness needs to lean into the curves and shifts of the current climate, what could actually be our self-care salvation is incorporating more “me time.”

This highly empowering concept has been contagious in the wellness space as it promotes the ability for individuals to shut down the thoughts and pressures from others and focus completely on what they need. Mental health counselors have even started using self-care’s evident shift in mental energy, as a way to navigate the emotions that have come from living during a crisis.

We all go through hardship whether that be at work or within personal relationships, and when those situations lead to emotions such as loneliness, guilt, or grief we can find ourselves feeling stuck. In the case of a prolonged crisis, we can feel these emotions drain on. Without active effort, they can stay with us even after the crisis has resolved. In order to combat feelings of stress, depression and anxiety, self-care can be used for navigating hardship. 

If you’re a novice to self-care there are a few pillars you can lean on for guidance. To help revitalize a self-care routine that works for you, the folks at Tommy John rounded up the 7 pillars to self-care as well as actionable strategies to help you navigate the “new normal.” From working out to smile instead of sweat (Pillar 3, “Physical Activity”) to reading up on health codes in your area (Pillar 1 “Proper Health Knowledge”) they’ve broken down how self-care can ground you during this transition back to social interaction. Explore their visual below!