5 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies


While smoothies come in many different colors, depending on the ingredients used, some people swear by green smoothies. What makes a green smoothie their smoothie-of-choice? Let’s look at a few of the more popular reasons.

Nutrient Dense

While many smoothies use a combination of fruits, yogurt, milk and ice all blended together, green smoothies also have vegetables in them – especially the dark green leafy kind, such as kale, spinach or collard greens. Actually, it is not hard to meet some of your daily nutritional requirements when you add in a green smoothie or two during your day.

Lose Weight

Because green smoothies use vegetables typically low in calories, they make a good food when trying to lose weight. Green smoothies are filling because of the fiber in green vegetables, so they also keep you feeling full longer, thus reducing your chances of raiding the refrigerator or pantry and ending up eating something counterproductive to losing weight. That helps keep your overall daily calorie count low.

Save Money

Vegetables – one of the main ingredients in green smoothies – are generally inexpensive when compared to most fresh fruits. And a little bit goes along way. Besides being cheaper to make at home verses buying pre-made green smoothies, you know and can control what is in it. Pre-made smoothies of all colors are generally loaded with sugar.


People are busy today. So busy in fact many skip eating breakfast because they run out of time before they have to leave for work. Grabbing a green smoothie on the way out the door that you made the night before or thawed out overnight is a great way to get in a nourishing breakfast without taking up a lot of your valuable time.

Boost Energy

Green smoothies boost energy. But the big difference between pre-made and the ones you make is you can control the amount of sugar. So unlike pre-made, you won’t get that sugar crash an hour or two after eating it.

The ones you make have no added sugar. And with the fiber from the vegetables and fruit, digestion is slowed down, so the natural sugar fructose is released more slowly into your bloodstream, thus providing more of an energy balance that lasts a long time. And the fiber also helps you stay more regular in the digestive department.

There are many more reasons too numerous to list in this one article, but these are five of the best ones that people credit as to why they like drinking green smoothies.

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