10 Ways To Boost Wellbeing And Happiness While Working

Happiness and well being is critical in a corporate world. Both play a significant role in defining productivity and satisfaction of a workforce. Attrition rate is lower in a company where there are happy, contented and well compensated employees. Needless to say that happiness at work is essential and indispensable. Though it was just some decades ago that the concept of happiness at work was recognized, it has been the standard priority of companies nowadays so they can easily reach success and growth. Not long ago, employer’s main focus was their business, trade relations, profits, investors and so on. It was only recently when company owners began to realize the advantages of implementing employee happiness. Eventually,  employers also began to feel the importance of well being at work. Happiness courses started to evolve and somehow teach the working sector how to be happy in their lives and be joyful while performing their jobs. 

Well-being isn’t just about physical attributes, it is also about mood, state of mind and substantial factors like sense of fulfillment. Above anything else, it’s about understanding and recognizing the point of view of  your employees and acknowledging the kind of life they have.

Might be easier said than done but this article will prove points on the  powerful ways to boost employee wellbeing at your company.

  1. Smile At All Times

Wearing a smile is contagious. Whenever and wherever you are, greet people with a warm smile. Smiling can boost someone’s mood and can make people happier. It can also reduce stress, lower blood pressure and strengthen your immune system by decreasing cortisol in the body. A simple smile orders the brain to produce endorphins and serotonin causing positive emotions throughout the day.

     2. Be Thankful and Grateful 

Always be grateful and appreciative to everyone at work may it be your colleague or your boss. Grateful and thankful people are more likely to behave and show kindness  even in the worst situations. 


     3. Get Along With Other Departments

Avoid getting confined within the four corners of your station. Get out of your workspace and mingle with other teams and departments in your office during breaks. It will help create better relationships with your colleagues and you can also share your best practices that might increase your worth for the company.

     4. Practice Walking Meetings 

Walking meeting is an active replacement for the classic one-on-one cup of coffee meeting or conference room chat. Instead of just sitting and listening, the employees are able to enjoy walking meetings where interactions are on the move. Participants of walking meetings prove that it  increases engagement, sparks creativity, and decreases burnout.

     5. Find the Right People

Getting the wrong person for an important role can be a total disaster as you may lose a lot of money, time and other resources. Be sure to find an effective staffing agency where the best people can be chosen and be part of your legacy of happiness at work. When you have the right people working for one vision, the company will have a strong foundation and the best people will deliver best results. 


     6. Have a Clean and Organized Workstation

A clean and tidy workplace makes you feel more relaxed. I can create a positive vibe and increase motivation and productivity throughout the day. Your mind will be at ease working and the fresh ambiance will keep you energized and stress free. 


      7. Take a Leave 

Go on vacation if you must. Ensure to utilize your leave credits to ease the burnt out and stress at work. Long hours of working and doing repetitive tasks can take a toll on anyone. Taking a vacation once in a while or just simply using your leaves for resting can result in greater success and more happiness at work.

     8. Offer Help Whenever Possible

Helping others whenever they need assistance is a noble feeling. It can make you feel better about yourself and the level of happiness it can give you is immeasurable. You can brighten one’s dull day if you will learn to offer help and not brag about it.

     9. Arrange Wellness Programs and Challenges

Create programs that will promote work-life balance. It has various benefits to employees and even employers. Wellness initiatives like fitness challenges can boost employee morale and the way they see themselves. It can strengthen the company culture and enhance employee happiness and satisfaction. These are efficient ways of increasing employee engagement which can  improve employee health.

     10. Love Yourself 

Loving yourself will make you feel confident, worthy and beautiful at all times. In general, you feel more positive, more outgoing and vibrant and that will reflect your attitude at work. If you love yourself, you feel happier and more willing to be of help to others.  

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to boost happiness and well-being at work since paper work, bosses and tedious tasks triggers stress and anxiety. One thing we should be able to learn probably is to take things one at a time and not too seriously. Happiness is a state of mind and we have to be happy in order to live longer.

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