You Are What You Drink

So be careful to avoid these high-calorie alcoholic beverages.

When you’re out on the town, living it up with your best friends, the world is your playground. Unless you’re not enjoying yourself, counting calories is the last thing on your mind. Before you head to the bar and wind up drinking more calories in a couple hours than you should consume in an entire day, you should know which drinks to steer clear from. Want to know what drinks would be better left behind the counter and in the bartender’s hand? Good for you. Get the answer below!


Considered one of the most innocent drinks when it comes to intoxication, beer is also rather light when it comes to calories. In a 12-ounce can of beer, you can count on picking up about 150 calories. Go with the light beer and you’ll shave off 40 or so calories. And while 150 calories isn’t too much, these calories are detrimental when it comes to maintaining your get up and go. They also add up rather quickly if you order a pitcher or more than one small beer.


Typically designated for weddings and other life-changing events, champagne may seem light and tingly, but it can be a bit heavy on the hips. With a whopping 84 calories in only four ounces of alcohol, champagne may not ruin your hot new diet, but it sure doesn’t help you maintain your impressive physique either. Save it for a special occasion and champagne will never get the best of your waistline.

Think alcoholic calories are nothing to sweat about? Think again. On top of being filled with relatively useless calories, alcoholic beverages have the tendency to make you hungry. So after filling up on beer calories, you’re ready for some wing, hamburger, and cheese fry calories!


Like champagne (which is a wine), red, white, and sweet wine are viewed as lesser evils when it comes to alcohol-based calories. And for good reason. Boasting about the same amount of calories as champagne, these more common varieties of wine are relatively tame when it comes to pushing your calorie count over the edge. In four ounces, you can count on picking up between 75 and 80 calories from red or dry white wine and another 25 to 30 for sweet wine. Not too bad when you consider the various health perks that are associated with drinking a little wine each day.


The cream of the crop when it comes to party drinks, cocktails come with a calorie punch as large as their flavor. In fact, no matter what cocktail you pick, you’ll be drinking more calories than you would with three beers of the same size. Two of the lightest cocktails are daiquiris (122 calories, four ounces) and cooler cocktails (150 calories, six ounces). Pick up a martini and you’re looking at 140 calories in a meager three and one-half ounces. Go with a three and one-half ounce Manhattan and get 164 calories, a four-ounce margarita, 168 calories.

Regardless of what alcoholic drink you decide to go for at your next outing, the calorie count of a single drink isn’t the most important thing to consider. Drinking too much is. Because beyond the obvious problems that arise with intoxication, returning to the bar time and again means hundreds of extra calories hitting you right where it hurts – whether that’s your hips, your stomach, your under arm, or your thighs.

So enjoy your favorite drink, have a great time out and about, but keep the drinking under control. Your good judgment and good health are counting on it.

A Little More Besides

Treating salad as a meal may be a difficult concept to grasp. If you’re having a hard time eating nothing but salad for your meal, take heart! It is possible to keep salad as the center of your meal without losing out on your other favorite foods.

To do this, make sure your salad is on the largest plate at your table. So if you use a salad plate for your salad, you’ll need a smaller plate or a bowl for your other items. Once you figure out what else you just have to eat, place it in a bowl or plate and keep this second dish to one side or the other – wherever you typically place your salad. This will help your hunger stay focused on the healthy, gorgeous, colorful salad right under your nose.

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