Workout with your spouse for fun and accountability

It’s a proven fact that you’re more likely to stick with an exercise program, lose weight, and get fit if you have an accountability partner by your side. Having someone to workout with, keep you motivated, and encourage you along the way will increase your chance of reaching your goals.

No matter how psyched you may be in the beginning to exercise each morning, that snooze button will gradually become more and more tempting, until you finally give in and give up. But when someone’s counting on you to join him or her at the gym, you won’t want to let this person down.

In case you can’t figure out who you’d want to join you in the gym, look close to home. Very close. Because what better person is there to keep you accountable than your spouse?

Why Your Spouse?

Finding an accountability partner isn’t always easy. People are busy and have different fitness goals. Your spouse makes an ideal exercise partner for many reasons.

Chances are you already enjoy being together and would like to spend more time in each other’s company. You probably have similar health goals, but even if you don’t, encouraging one another to workout is a great way to spur one another on to make healthy choices.

Exercise isn’t only good for your body; it can be good for your relationship, too. If you’re looking for a bonding experience and relationship builder for your marriage, try exercising together. This time will force you to be a team and support each other.

Exercise also releases endorphins to improve your mood and naturally relieves the stress you experience at home, at work, and in your relationship. Regular exercise will help you lose weight, improve your appearance, and feel better about yourself. One of the best things about exercising with your spouse is the quality time it allows you to spend and the fun you can have together.

Exercise Dates

Ever feel like you’re leading separate lives? Your spouse may leave early for the gym before you’re awake. You work all day, come home exhausted, put the kids to bed, and then crash on the couch. Your busy lives leave little room for quality time and communication.

Set aside time in your week to workout as a couple. Leave the kids with a sitter, a neighbor, or in the gym nursery. If necessary, make exercise dates a family affair and involve the whole family. Exercising for a date may not sound like your ideal kind of outing, but you may be surprised how much you end up enjoying your time.

Date Ideas

Keep your spouse accountable on your exercise dates. Inside the gym, you can jog on treadmills or spot each other using free weights. Play a match of racquetball, take a spin class, or swim laps in the pool. Get competitive to help each other reach fitness goals (just be nice when the other loses).
Prefer to head outside? Meet at a park and go on a brisk walk, play tennis, or challenge each other to a game of one-on-one basketball. Take a bike ride around the neighborhood after dinner. Mix things up and join a co-ed sports team.

And in the weight room, there’s a host of different body weight, stretch band, and free weight exercises designed for two people. Search the Internet for exercises done with a partner for ideas.

Find an exercise that you can agree on and one that you both enjoy. The options are endless. By working out together, your relationship can be as well!