When You Can’t Stop Eating

Take these steps to regain control over your eating habits.

You don’t know if you’re binge eating or just eating too much. Whatever it is, it’s ruining your weight-loss efforts. When there’s food around, you go crazy and can’t stop eating. Even when you’re not that hungry, food just tastes good. Before you know it, the bag of chips is gone, the bowl of popcorn has disappeared, the pint of ice cream has vanished, and the leftovers you were hoping to save for lunch the next day are history.

How can you ever hope to lose weight when you can’t control your eating habits? Don’t despair, because there’s always hope. Take one step at a time, and you can regain control over how much and how often you eat. Try implementing at least one of these steps each week and see which one works best for you.

Well, I think probably the main reason people overeat is stress. – Jenny Craig

1. Stick to a Schedule

No more grazing throughout the day, mindless eating in front of the television, or skipping meals. Get your out-of-control eating under control by eating on a set schedule. Breakfast (never skip breakfast), lunch, dinner, and a couple of small snacks between are the only times you should be putting food or drink in your mouth. The exception is water. Drink it all day long!

2. Dear Diary

Recording every bite in a food diary is one way to stay accountable to yourself. When you have to write down calorie counts of every piece of candy, bite of pizza, and sip of soda, you’ll think twice before unnecessary snacking and will feel more motivated to make healthy choices.

3. Deal with Emotions

Eating in response to emotions is one of the main reasons people overeat. Find yourself stuffing your face when you’re bored, stressed, sad, or happy? The food satisfies only a few minutes, then you feel guilty and mad at yourself so what do you do about it? Eat. This vicious cycle doesn’t have to last forever. You can learn healthy ways of dealing with your emotions. Go on walk, do 10 push-ups, call a friend, chew gum, or read a book. Just don’t eat!

4. What’s in Your Cupboards?

When tempting foods are readily available, how can you resist? The best rule is to keep junk food and the foods that bring out your weakness out of the house, period. If they’re bad for you, they’re likely bad for the rest of your family. Be intentional as you do your grocery shopping and never grocery shop when you’re hungry, tired, or emotional. Instead, stock up on healthy snack options that you find tasty.

5. Occasional Indulgences

Isn’t it strange how when something’s completely off limits you seem to crave it more? You’ve seen this happen when you restrict your favorite foods. It’s at these times you throw your diet out the window and snarf down every piece of chocolate in sight. Get control over moments like these by allowing yourself a small indulgence every once in a while. This could mean one night a week enjoying that soda or dessert you’ve been craving.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

You’re in control over your eating habits whether you feel like it or not. What you might just need is practice. Start with small changes and practice them over and over until they become second nature. This means limiting your portion sizes, not taking seconds, ordering water instead of sweet tea, skipping the bread bowl, eating breakfast every morning, and saying no to midnight snacking. You can retrain your mind and stomach to make healthy choices again. Like they say, practice makes perfect, or better…permanent.

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