Weight Loss With the Web

Harnessing the Internet’s power to help you lose weight.

In this digital day and age, you’re no longer alone in your journey to lose weight. You may be the only one in the house, but with access to the Internet you can find a wide range of resources to help reach your goal.

Research has shown that certain Internet programs can be an effective way to aid weight loss. Find one or more that fits your lifestyle and goals and learn how to use them.

For those just starting out on the weight loss journey and aren’t sure what’s available online to help, here’s a crash course.

Accountability Matters

People lose more weight when they have someone to keep them accountable. When a friend, personal trainer, or support group is routing for your success, you’ll be more likely to work hard to reach your goal. Sign up to join an online support group. A variety of programs are out there to answer questions, give encouragement, track progress, and offer advice. With this type of support you won’t feel alone in your successes and failures.

Calorie Counting

Monitoring your calorie intake is a big part of weight loss. The Internet makes counting calories simple, taking away the guesswork and complicated math. Find a reliable site that offers an exhaustive database of foods and drinks and their calorie count.

In addition to counting the calories you eat, online tools are available to estimate the number of calories you burn during exercise. Enter what activity you did and for how long and you can determine how many calories you burned this morning at the gym.

Food Tracking

Studies have shown that those who keep track of the foods they eat lose twice as much weight as those who don’t. Find a website that allows you to chart the foods you eat and their calorie equivalents. Besides charting food and calories, record your weight. As you lose, you can see how far you’ve come. This provides an easy way to stay accountable to yourself and to others.
For the competitive type, some sites turn your weight loss successes and failures into a competition against other players. Move up levels and earn points. Have fun while you lose!

Nutrition Information

Not sure if a food is healthy for you? Do your own research on reputable websites, getting the lowdown on nutrition, ingredients, and diet plans. Dig in and read up on which foods are healthy and which you should avoid, which contribute to weight loss and what’s going to make you gain.

Online you can find healthy, low-calorie recipes your whole family will enjoy. Some sites help you create a weekly menu. Planning your meals ahead of time and you’ll be light years ahead in your quest to lose weight. Just a little bit of planning will make you a lot less likely to pick up fast food on the way home.

Learn From Others

The Internet provides a clearinghouse of helpful information, and much of it is first-person success and failure stories. Many people find encouragement and motivation from reading other’s stories and blogs. If nothing else, reading these tales will encourage you, as you remember that you’re not alone in your quest. Other people have the exact same struggles. And you, too, can find success!