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Ways to Workout at Home That Require Little-to-No Equipment

Going to the gym isn’t for everyone. The cost of a membership can be one factor, but many of us just can’t fit trips to the gym into our schedules. Plus, with gyms closed during COVID-19 for the foreseeable future, it’s more important than ever to explore alternative options for staying fit.

You just need to look for ways to fit exercise in with your daily routine and find workouts that don’t require expensive equipment.

Check out the following tips to see how any person can get fit without going to a gym. All you need for these exercises in most cases is a pair of supportive sneakers, a water bottle, and a can-do attitude!

Choose to Walk

Walking is an often-overlooked opportunity for exercise. While it might not seem like the most intense activity, walking is good for your heart, it can burn calories and it will also tone your legs. Planning to take a short walk every day can do a lot for your health. If you live near a park or nature trails, it can also be a good way to enjoy the outdoors.

Beyond scheduling regular walks for exercise, you could look for ways to add more steps to your day. Park a little farther from the building when you get to work. If you need to go somewhere that isn’t far, choose to walk instead of taking your car. You could also walk on your lunch break at work.

Simple Exercise Equipment 

Get some inexpensive exercise equipment to add variety to your workouts. Consider getting things like a jump rope, resistance bands, a stability ball, dumbbells or install a pull-up bar. There are a lot of simple, inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment that can do a lot to expand the range of your workouts. Even if you can’t afford to buy every piece you want all at once, you can gradually buy different pieces as you have the money.

Take the Stairs

Elevators and escalators are a nice convenience, but every time you use them, you are passing on an opportunity to get a good workout. Instead of taking the easy way, choose to use the stairs any time you have the option. Stairs are great for burning calories and it is another way to add some exercise to your regular routine.

Beyond using the stairs every chance you get, you could also use the stairs in your home to get a workout. There are a range of stair exercises that can be good for burning calories and strengthening your legs and it will turn a part of your home into a piece of exercise equipment.

Bodyweight Exercises

Even if you don’t have any exercise equipment, bodyweight exercises can offer a full-body workout. There are options like push-ups, planks, lunges and squats just to name a few. There are also a ton of variations on these bodyweight exercises that can add variety to your fitness routine. 

Exercise Videos

You don’t need a personal trainer to learn about some of the most effective workouts that are available. Exercise videos can teach you about a variety of different workout routines and there are options that are designed to help people at different fitness levels and to meet different types of goals. With the internet, you don’t even need to buy fitness videos – some of them are free online.

Gyms do have some benefits, but if you can’t find the time, it is a waste of money. Even worse, you might get discouraged if you always fail to make the time to go to the gym. Instead of wasting your money and losing your motivation, try these tips for getting a workout without going to the gym.

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