Top 5 Cardio Exercises For Burning 100 Calories Per Day

If you want to accelerate your fat loss efforts, cardiovascular exercises are an excellent choice. With the right cardio exercises you can blast through 100 calories in minutes and enjoy countless health benefits too. That’s why today I’m going to be highlighting five of the top calorie burning cardio exercises.

  1. Running (10mph)

Calories Burned Per Hour = 1,090

Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 5.5

Running’s an excellent calorie burner and by doing just a few minutes of high intensity sprints each day, you can blast through over 100 calories. It’s also one of the simplest cardiovascular exercises because it requires absolutely no equipment. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and the outdoors and then you’re good to go. In addition to supporting your weight loss efforts, running also enhances the health of your blood, lowers your risk of heart disease, strengthens your immune system and much more.

  1. Cycling (20mph)

Calories Burned Per Hour = 1,090

Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 5.5

High speed cycling burns the exact same amount of calories per hour as running and by cycling at speeds of 20mph or more, you can work of over 100 calories within 6 minutes. As well as being an efficient fat burner, cycling also allows you to top up your vitamin D levels, improves your coordination, strengthens the muscles in your lower body and much more. Plus, it’s a very low impact exercise, so by choosing cycling, you can protect your joints from pain and inflammation.

  1. Kickboxing

Calories Burned Per Hour = 800

Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 7.5

Kickboxing is a fun, action packed way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn some serious calories. You can kickbox alone or with friends and 8 minutes a day is all you need to work off over 100 calories. Since kickboxing fully engages your hands, feet, legs and arms, it’s an excellent exercise for enhancing your balance, coordination and reflexes.

  1. Swimming (Intense)

Calories Burned Per Hour = 667

Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 9

If you’re a fan of water, swimming’s a brilliant cardiovascular exercise. Not only does it blast through 667 calories per hour but it also strengthens and tones all the muscles in your body while being gentle on your joints. In addition to this, swimming improves your lung capacity and your heart stroke volume which allows your body to use oxygen for energy more efficiently.

  1. Walking (5mph)

Calories Burned Per Hour = 545

Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 11

Walking is an underrated calorie burner. However, by walking briskly for just 11 minutes per day, you can work off 100 calories. The great thing about using walking to burn calories is that it’s almost guaranteed to be part of your day and by simply increasing the speed with which you walk, you can hit your 100 calorie target. Additionally, like cycling and swimming, walking is gentle and low impact, so won’t place any pressure on your joints.


By making one or more of these exercises part of your routine, you can easily blast through 100 calories or more in less than an hour per day. So add one or more of the exercises to your schedule, take action and accelerate your fat burning efforts.