The gym’s not that scary, is it?

As the cooler temperatures of fall and winter show up, many types of outdoor exercise become more difficult and uncomfortable. Because of this, cold weather often drives people back indoors for their workouts, making the gym an ideal place to exercise.

All the space, resources, classes, trainers, weight machines, cardio machines, swimming pools, and free weights make it easy to get your recommended daily amounts of exercise. So why don’t more people take advantage of their community gym?

Some people are intimidated by the atmosphere at a fitness center. The fancy equipment, the fit bodies, and the fear of the unknown are just a few of the reasons people avoid the gym. But not you. Not any more.

Here are some practical ways to overcome your fears of the gym and build your confidence as you work with your personal trainer.

You never walk out of the gym and say, ‘I shouldn’t have gone.’ – Taylor Kitsch

Get Knowledge

Many people fear the unknown. This is one reason your personal trainer is so invaluable in reaching your fitness goals. The more you know about the way things work at the gym the less you’ll fear. As your trainer teaches you the ins and outs of gym life, many of your gym fears will disappear.

Ask Questions

Intimidated by the workout room full of “complicated” equipment? Don’t know the first thing about lifting weights or turning on a treadmill? In steps your personal trainer once again. Each time you learn something new, whether it’s correct lifting form for a new exercise or how to do interval training on the treadmill, your fears will subside and you’ll gain confidence.

Take advantage of the knowledge your trainer has to offer. Ask all your questions during your sessions so on the days your trainer isn’t with you, you can feel comfortable with your workout.

Invite a Friend

On those days when your trainer can’t be with you, have a friend join you. Whether your pal is an exercise pro or a novice like you, a workout partner won’t only help you feel more comfortable at the gym, but he or she will make exercise more fun and motivate you to reach your goals.

Take a Class

Your trainer may encourage you to take a group class on the days you’re not working with him. Gym newbies may find group classes for beginners an easy way to get accustomed to the gym atmosphere. You may be completely out of shape, but the other participants are likely in the same boat. Just like your trainer, the class instructor is there to guide you through the workout and help you reach toward your workout goals.

Plan Ahead

Don’t let crowds and toned bodies keep you from getting the exercise you need. Avoid the gym during the peak hours when the gym is crowded with people who make you feel uncomfortable. First thing in the morning and early evening are generally the most crowded times, so if your schedule allows, go to the gym a different time of day.

Be Confident

You may be out of shape, overweight, and have outdated workout clothes, but who cares? The gym is for people like you. Don’t be intimidated by what others may think of you. If anything, others at the gym will respect you for your efforts. At one time, they were likely in your shoes. So keep your eyes on your fitness goals and don’t let low self-confidence get in the way of reaching them.

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