The Elusive Six-Pack- Part 2 of 3

In my last blog we started discussing which ab muscles are involved when trying to get that “six-pack”. Today, we will touch on the infomercial machines that claim to target your abs.

Please do not waste your money on those infomercial contraptions that promise ‘great abs in just minutes a day’ or ‘great abs without the effort’ or any other promise that sounds too good to be true. The only thing to believe about those infomercials is that not a single one of the well paid actors and models in them got their perfect bodies by using those worthless devices. Most of the products you see are poorly designed and often do not even target the abdominal muscles, instead focusing on the hip flexor muscles. All you need for an effective abdominal workout is enough space for a mat on the floor and proper instruction. Throw in an inexpensive stability ball and you can add a whole new dimension and challenge to your workouts.

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