Sustainable Weight Loss Techniques for Women

When it comes to weight loss, it’s important to have reasonable expectations. Going into any sort of healthy lifestyle change thinking you’ll have instant, extraordinary results is a recipe for disaster. You have to know what your progress will look like when you commit to healthy, sustainable habits.

It’s also important to remember that no two bodies are alike, and comparing your progress to others is more likely to make you feel bad as opposed to inspired. This is especially true for women who are committing to weight loss with a male partner. Men and women lose weight differently, with different factors affecting their progress. If you compare yourself to your partner — or try to use his weight loss techniques — you might wind up holding yourself back in the long run.

Z-Physique is dedicated to helping everyone figure out the diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan that will work best for their body and their needs. Here’s a look at some things women need to keep in mind while diving into a new healthy lifestyle:

Picking Comfortable Clothes

When men exercise, they often turn to large or baggy clothes such as basketball shorts. If you’re comfortable in this style of clothing, that’s fine, but many women won’t be, especially when it comes to shorts and pants. Because of the way hormones affect fat distribution, women tend to have fuller thighs than men. This is a perfectly normal body shape, but it can cause discomfort during exercise. In loose shorts, it’s easy for the tops of the thighs to rub together during exercise, which can lead to chafing and irritation.

There are several ways to address this. Many products on the market are designed to prevent this type of inner thigh chafing. Look for a product that’s made to hold up to sweat and activity, or you’ll risk discomfort over the course of exercise. You can also look into wearing exercise leggings or yoga pants, which will put a soothing layer of fabric between your thighs and prevent excess rubbing. High-quality material is best since the same rubbing that can cause irritation will also wear down the fabric over time.

Confounding Factors for Weight Loss

If you’re keeping close track of your weight progress, you might notice patterns that feel a little confusing. Often, despite sticking with their exercise and nutrition goals, women notice the scale start to stall — or even go up a bit. Remember, however, that a week or so of the scale not moving the way you expect isn’t really a cause for concern due to hormone fluctuations.

Women’s menstrual cycles cause hormone levels to rise and fall throughout the month, and this has a direct impact on your weight due to increased hunger signals, retained water, and digestional changes. Bloating and constipation are extremely normal symptoms of the hormonal cycle, and they can make you feel like you’re gaining weight when you actually haven’t. Remember to look at overall trends, not the results over a few days, in order to get a true sense of your progress.

Nutritional Goals for Women

When it comes to losing weight, many women struggle to stick with their diet plans. It’s easy to get lost in self-judgment and attribute this to a lack of self-control or impulsivity. But more often than not, you’re craving foods because your decreased diet isn’t making up for missed nutrients.

Whenever you cut calories, you have to make sure the calories you are eating are as nutritionally dense as you can get them. Yes, it’s perfectly possible to lose weight by hitting a decreased calorie goal through only junk food, but it’s going to be hard — and your overall health is going to suffer. Make sure your diet is rich in iron, calcium, and other nutrients women need to thrive. You’ll have fewer cravings this way, and you’ll be adapting to a meal plan you can sustain long-term.

Women and men face different struggles with weight loss, and finding the right tools for your body is a must. We hope this article helps you figure out a weight loss plan you can use to reach your goals! And if you need more help with your fitness goals, Z-Physique can offer the guidance you need to thrive. Check out some of the best weight loss programs available online today.

Photo Credit: Pexels