Summer’s Worst Foods

They may be tempting, but you’ll be better off saying “No thanks” to these summertime favorites.

As summer shows up and the temperature rises, your taste buds begin to go crazy. With so many delicious foods available, summer is a verifiable festival for your mouth. But before you gorge yourself on everything the hot months have to offer, take a little time to consider which summertime foods are best left on the shelf or the serving platter.
Which summer foods would you be better off avoiding?

Fatty Meats: While it may be true that tossing meat on the barbecue is a much better alternative than deep-frying it, some meat is best left alone regardless of how it is cooked. If you find yourself in the midst of a fat-laden hamburger cookout, bring your own lean ground beef or turkey to add to the mix. This way, you can have your burger and eat it, too – without shoving extra fat and calories onto your waist.

Chips: While heading out for a day in the sun, few snacks are as portable and tasty as a bag of potato chips. Unfortunately, as easy as they are to transport from one place to the next, potato chips are even easier to eat a lot of. They may be thin and seem innocent enough, but a day of potato chips will put you back in basic training for swimsuit shape.

Fried Chicken: No matter if you make it yourself using Grandma’s famous recipe or pick up a box of it at a restaurant, fried chicken is never a good option – even in the warm summer months when it tastes so good. Do your arteries, your heart, and your belly a favor by picking up a few organic chicken breasts and grilling them instead. Then toss your favorite barbecue sauce on, and enjoy!

Hotdogs: Yes, they look great on the grill, and if you’re good you won’t lose more than three when transporting them from the grill to your plate, but that doesn’t give you a free pass to eat all the hotdogs you want. In fact, you should probably stay clear of any and all products that are hotdog shaped, as they nearly all are jam-packed with high levels of fat, calories, and sodium. And no, you don’t need any of those in excess.

Cool Fats: You need something to go along with all those delicious foods that come piping hot off the grill. In steps potato salad, coleslaw, and pasta salad to bring a nice change of temperature and a large amount of fat. Want to enjoy these colder delights with less regret? Use light mayonnaise, use more vegetables in your salads, or try substituting low-fat yogurt for some of the mayonnaise. These changes won’t make them fat-free, but they’ll make your favorite summer salads a bit healthier.

Frozen Goodies: Every time the ice cream truck circles your neighborhood, you feel the call. It’s hard to turn away from the allure of ice cream on a stick, especially when it’s being sold out of a van with seductive music blaring out of a speaker mounted on the roof. But be strong. If you simply must delight your sense of taste, go to the ice cream truck and ask for a fruit bar or head to the store and pick up some low-calorie sherbet.

Drink Healthy, Too.

Summer is full of unhealthy choices, including what you have the opportunity to drink. To help your body stay in good health and maintain your summer shape, drink mostly water during the hot months. To give your taste buds something exciting, it’s okay to occasionally sip on sweet tea, soda, energy drinks, or those fruity alcoholic beverages. Just don’t make it a habit, as they can fill you up with useless sugars and calories.

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