Sets and Reps

Determining the correct number of sets and reps to be completed during a routine will depend on your training goals.

First let’s review what sets and reps are.  Reps are the number of times a movement of an exercise is completed. Sets are a group of repetitions that are performed consecutively.

The following is a good rule of thumb to follow:

Goal Reps Sets Rest
Strength 6 2-6 2-5 MIN
Hypertrophy (muscle growth) 6-12 3-6 30-90 SEC
Endurance 12 2-3 30 SEC

How do I know when I need to add more weight to the bar?

Use the 2 for 2 rule. Once you can complete 2 more reps than your goal in the final set of an exercise for 2 consecutive workouts, than it is time to increase the weight you are using on your next scheduled workout.

In future blogs, I will discuss how to determine the amount of weight to use , utilizing the 1RM principle (1 repetition max), but for now, use the amount of weight that allows you to perform all desired reps with correct form with the last 2 being a challenge, yet correct form is still maintained.

Always focus more on correct form and technique than being concerned about how much weight is on the bar.  In the long run, you will make greater progress with less weight and correct form, than more weight and performing the exercise incorrectly.  Also, when performing the exercise incorrectly and/or with more weight than you should be lifting, you are running the risk of injuring yourself.

Please always remember to consult a physician before starting any exercise routine.