Refresh Yourself!

From sounder sleep to smarter snacks, here are some proven ways to renew your energy.

Feel dragged out? Can’t seem to muster enough energy to get your daily tasks done? Don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning? You’re not alone. Many people, especially women, feel sluggish or have a lack of energy because they are overloaded with responsibilities. From caring for children and keeping up with household chores to working a nine-to-five job and making an appearance at all those social events, there’s often no time left to take care of yourself, let alone get enough rest.

If you find yourself beat down by the day-to-day rigors of life, there’s good news on the horizon – and the horizon is right here! So keep reading to get some tips that will leave you feeling fresh and ready to take whatever comes your way.

Sounder Sleep

At around age 40, sleep becomes lighter, making it difficult to get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. Some people start experiencing sleep problems much earlier then 40, often times because of stress. What steps can you take to ensure a good night’s sleep so you wake up feeling rested and ready to go?

Try taking a hot bath before bed. You’re more ready to sleep when your core temperature drops and all body parts are evenly warm (no cold feet or hands). In addition, keep your bedroom temperature cool. A bedroom that is too hot or too cold will prevent you from resting comfortably through the night.

Research has shown that lavender aromatherapy can also be helpful for better sleep. Try sniffing a lavender scent for 20 minutes before bed. And create a calming bedtime routine. Turn of the computer, phone, and television an hour before bed so your brain has time to slow down. While you may feel tired staring at a computer screen, the blue light emitted from energy-efficient lighting and laptop screens actually slows the body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin.


Need an extra push in the morning to get going or you find yourself getting groggy in the afternoon? Drink a caffeinated beverage like coffee for a jumpstart. Stick to 150 milligrams a day (a cup contains 90–110 mg) for optimum benefit. Then, don’t drink after 2 p.m. to keep the caffeine from affecting your sleep.

If you’re stuck inside all day sitting at a desk, step outside for a few minutes. The fresh air and sunlight will help you to recharge. Additionally, turn to music to increase your energy levels. If you’re feeling lethargic, turn on the music you enjoy and makes you feel happy. Then get moving.

It’s also important to note your body’s need for water. Get dehydrated, and you should expect to feel fatigued. Fend off fatigue by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Make it a cold beverage and you’ll even be more alerts.

A sure way to get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing is exercise. Finding a way to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week is the recommended amount of physical activity. But even five minutes here and there throughout the day is beneficial for energy. Whatever you choose to do – whether lifting weights in the gym, a brisk walk during your lunch break, or a bike ride after dinner, it will help maintain optimal health and renew your energy.

Smart Snacks

The foods you eat provide the fuel your body needs for energy. Without proper nutrition, your body will run on empty. So when you start to feel zapped, try a healthy snack that combines carbohydrates for instant fuel, fiber to make you feel full, and protein to give you lasting energy. A few examples of smart snacks include a cup of plain, low fat yogurt with half a cup of blueberries; three slices of turkey with a medium apple; and a banana with a hard-boiled egg.

Medically Speaking.

Occasionally, a medical issue (thyroid disorder or vitamin deficiency) can cause you to feel fatigued. If your energy level is running on low more often than not, seek a medical evaluation to ensure there is no underlying condition that requires more serious intervention.

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