Reboot Your Routine

Get a fresh exercise start with these tips.

You know how it is. Your computer’s being super slow or not doing what it’s supposed to do, so you switch the power off for a minute and restart it for a reboot. Once back on, all is well. But it’s not just your computer that needs a restart on occasion. Your exercise routine can be the same way. When it’s just not working for you or you’re not seeing the results you hoped for, you may need to stop completely and start over.

Ideally, you don’t want to quit exercise for more than a day or two, but life happens and sometimes it takes a while to get back into a regular workout routine. As you reboot your fitness program, here’s some advice.

A buddy will keep you honest and add a dimension of fun to your workout. – Bill Toomey

Get Your Mind In Gear

It’s amazing how much exercise is mental rather than physical. If your mind’s not into your workout, you’re not going to succeed for long. As you think about starting a new workout, gear up your mind. Think of how good you’ll feel and look, remind yourself of the end result, and focus on reaching your goals.

Make a Plan

Maybe you never made a fitness plan or perhaps the one you had wasn’t realistic. Now’s the time to develop a workout plan with your personal trainer to help you reach your health and weight-loss goals. When will you exercise and for how long? Which exercises will you do? Heading to the gym without a plan can lead to wasted time. And with a trainer by your side, not having a plan isn’t an option!

Say Goodbye to Boring

One of the main reasons people quit exercising is because they find it boring. Running on the treadmill, doing the same old bicep curls and leg lifts, or walking the loop around your neighborhood day after day is bound to lose its appeal. This time around try circuit training. All this means is a rotation through various exercises during your workout so you’re not stuck on the elliptical machine the entire time. You’ll spend anywhere from 20 seconds to three minutes at each station before moving on to the next. If this doesn’t interest you, try something else that piques your interest. Or just tell your trainer to push you harder.

Track Progress

In the past, your workouts may not have given you the results you wanted, but chances are you still achieved fitness gains. This time around, track your progress and you’ll likely stick with exercise longer. Keep an exercise journal to record the length and type of each workout. Include how you felt before, during, and after your session. It’s great motivation to see the weight come off, the muscle pile on, your heart rate decrease, your blood pressure go down, and the miles increase.

Call a Friend

Rebooting your workout can be a lot easier with the help of a friend. Having a workout partner is great motivation to show up, work harder, and stick with the program. Plus, exercise can be a lot more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with.


Many people find exercise just isn’t working because they’re doing it at the wrong time of day. You’re not a morning person, traffic is too bad after work, or you’re too tired at the end of the day. Before committing to a new routine, make sure the time of day isn’t going to become another excuse to quit. You may need to experiment with different times to find which one works best in your busy schedule.

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