Z Physique’s Healthy Lifestyle Membership Plans

Healthy lifestyle membership plans


$9 / Month
Access to our library of fitness and nutrition e-books to answer all of your questions and guide you to the best health of your life
Dynamic workout & fitness videos to help you get strong, toned and confident
Action guides & checklists that make hitting your fitness goals easier than ever
Instructional videos from fitness & nutrition experts to give you step-by-step guidance
Natural health alternatives videos & e-books that help you make better choices in your daily life
New content added monthly to help you continue to make progress
Cancel Anytime
$97 / Year
Includes everything in Bronze Level PLUS:
Exclusive Private Facebook Group featuring:
Weekly Challenges
Brand New Recipes to Make Lose Weight Fun and Tasty
Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, & Wellness Tips
Motivation to keep you on track
Enjoy 25% off EVERYDAY in my Online Health & Wellness Store (discount does not apply to supplements)
$497 / Year
Includes everything in Bronze and Gold Level PLUS:
Onboard 101 – a 12 module course that helps you build your roadmap and foundation to a healthy lifestyle and lose fat efficiently and effectively
Z Fit Studio App: Our exclusive Online Fitness & Nutrition Planner App that allows you to log the foods you eat, leverage read-to-go workout plans and track your progress.
Premium Workout Routines not included in other memberships that help take your results to the next level
Extra Bonus Material Added ONLY for Platinum Members
PLUS ALL Self Help E-books from Z Physique's Online Store
Z Physique Online Courses
Certificate of Completion awarded after each successful course completion
Priority Email & Text Support from NSCA Certified Personal Trainer to help you hit your goals faster and easier than ever whether at home or on the go.

The Quest For Ultimate Health And Wellness Starts Here

The journey to attain ultimate health and wellness begins with building a lifestyle which supports them. A health and wellness-oriented lifestyle is built by making healthy habits and choices part of your daily routines. You do not need to completely overhaul your entire life all at once. These changes can be made gradually utilizing all the materials I have put together exclusively for my membership website. I’ll see you on the inside where you will find fitness & nutrition videos, eBooks, recipes and more to help you get started and continue to stay motivated and accountable throughout your journey!!! Every month I will be adding new content exclusively for my members. Let’s get started TODAY!!!

Incredible Platinum Membership Extra’s Included: 

  • Onboard 101: uses a sophisticated interactive web-based platform as well as 35 professionally produced HD Videos to explain everything from cardio and weight-training to protein, carbs, digestion and stress. And, it’s all put forth in easy-to-understand lay terms.
  • Z Fit Studio: Online Fitness & Nutrition Planner App (List of Meal Plans)
  • Z Physique’s Online Courses: including: Lose Weight: Burning Calories Made Easy, & Lose Weight: Cutting Calories Made Easy
  • ALL Self Help Ebooks from Z Physique’s Online Store included with Platinum Membership
  • Natural Health Solutions Club, at no extra cost, with over 100 videos, a tutorial booklet and 2 huge reference manual eBooks so you can understand how to use the amazing healing powers of herbs.
  • Tons of Bonus Content only available to Platinum Plan Members

*Activation of Onboard 101 and Z Fit Studio: Online Fitness and Nutrition Planner App will take about 24 hours. Member will receive emails with login information once accounts have been set up.*

I really want to do everything I possibly can to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Have questions? Please email me at Evan@Z-Physique.com.

If you do not receive your Welcome email immediately after sign up, please check your “junk/spam” folder.

Why Choose An Online Fitness Membership

gilbert online fitness programsIt offers an interactive fitness experience
Gilbert online fitness programs like Z Physique provide an interactive experience to members through two-way communication. It allows customization of the program as well as consultation based on specific conditions and results. Most of all, an online health and wellness program imposes accountability on the part of the member.

One-stop fitness platform
Most online fitness programs offer a one-stop fitness plan. Aside from exercises and workout routines, they also provide diet recipes, motivational resources, and other regular content. This helps members to diversify their lifestyle, which makes the plan easier to stick to.

Sense of community
Every online health and wellness program will have a massive community of members and fitness experts. It’s a big advantage, especially for those who are looking for a support group for their workout and diet. Aside from that, some online communities will organize challenges and competitions to encourage their members to do better.

Convenience and flexibility
With an online fitness plan, you can exercise at your own pace and schedule. This makes an ideal choice for busy employees and those that can’t hit the gym. And since the member has full control over the lifestyle change, they won’t feel overwhelmed by the program.

Access to an expert
Gilbert online fitness programs offer exclusive coaching courtesy of in-house fitness experts. This way, the member will have a guided fitness journey. It also makes the program easy to follow and the member will feel involved in the process. This makes the fitness plan more attractive.

Best Online Weight Loss Programs that Help to Lose Weight

Are you planning to sign up for an online fitness membership? Z Physique is currently offering an affordable and highly inclusive weight loss membership plans. Knowing how to lose weight is no longer a challenge with this membership program.

Online fitness membershipIf you are on the quest for ultimate health, Z Physique is your wingman on your journey. They will help you develop healthy eating habits without the need to starve and restrict yourself. With the right discipline, Z Physique’s online weight loss programs will see you succeed.

Weight loss membership plans
Z Physique currently offers four plans under their Healthy Lifestyle Membership Plans. It includes Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Online Courses Only Plan.

*Bronze Plan
The Bronze weight loss membership just costs $9 a month. For such a low price, you will have access to nutrition e-books, recipes, and instructional videos. This also includes action checklists and guides for your wellness.

New content is added on this plan each month plus you’re free to cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied with the plan.

You can also have access to Z Physique’s natural health alternatives, and more fitness tips. There’s so much to explore in this program. Knowing how to lose weight becomes easy this way.

*Gold Plan
The Gold Plan includes all the inclusions of the Bronze plan plus more. For just $97 a year, you will have full and exclusive access to the private Facebook Group of Z Physique. Here, they post weekly challenges, nutrition recipes, wellness tips, and motivational content.

Moreover, you will enjoy 25% off if you wish to purchase something from Z Physique’s Online Health and Wellness Store. Just take note that the discount doesn’t apply to supplement products.

Weight loss membership*Platinum Plan
The Platinum plan provides the best value for just $497 per year. It includes all the perks of both the Bronze and Gold level but with even more added.

First, it contains extra bonus material exclusive to Platinum members only. These are straight from the fitness coaches of Z Physique.

Moreover, you will also have full access to Z Physique’s online courses delivered by the experts behind the program, plus premium workout routines. The fitness library of Z Physique continues to grow and prices will not stay as low as it is now. So if you’re interested, feel free to sign up!

*Online Courses only
If you don’t need the bells and whistles of other plans, you can opt for Online Courses Only Plan. This costs $197 per year and includes full access to all the courses cataloged on Z Physique’s library.

It also allows you to enjoy fitness and weight loss courses as well as the motivational courses in the platform.

For those looking for the best online fitness membership, Z Physique is a great choice. Their flexible plans and sustainable resources make them one of the leading online weight loss programs to date. So choose your plan and start transforming your health now.

How Z Physique’s Membership Plans Can Help You Lose Weight and Maintain Diet

A weight-loss membership won’t just help you lose your extra pounds. It’s also an excellent way to stick to a healthy diet and sustain your progress. One good example here is Z Physique’s corporate wellness program in Gilbert, AZ. It’s available in different online fitness membership plans to suit every budget and need.

corporate wellness program gilbert azValuable nutrition guide within your fingertips!
The Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Online Courses Only plans at Z Physique offers a comprehensive nutritional guide for every member. It helps you revamp your diet without starving or switching to dangerous fads.

For as low as $9 a month, you will have access to these useful ebooks.

Diversified exercise routines for your own pace
All the plans of Z Physique’s corporate wellness program in Gilbert, AZ come with special exercises and routines. This way, you can work out in your pace and schedule. No need to pay for a gym membership because Z Physique’s plans got it covered.

Alternative solutions to widen your options
Z Physique also offers natural health alternatives so you can explore more options for weight loss. Take note that they didn’t oversell any product. You have full control over what you’re going to purchase in or outside the Z Physique’s online store.

Support group to back you up
If you avail the Gold Plan for $97 a year, you will have full access to the exclusive private Facebook group. Here, weekly content is uploaded for Gold and Platinum members. It also includes motivational tips and content from the experts.

Things to Know About Z Physique’s Weight Loss Membership Plans

Z Physique offers the ultimate weight loss membership. Fitness experts and nutritionists craft our programs to ensure safe and healthy weight loss. If you’re planning to sign up to our program, you must know the following things first:

Gilbert weight loss programsWe never force you to buy a product!

Unlike other online weight loss programs, we don’t force you to buy a product. Our intentions are pure when we say that we’re going to help you lose weight safely. You only have to buy our supplements if you want to.

Our programs are affordable

For as low as $9 a month, you can start losing weight with our fitness materials, nutrition ebooks, and guides. Your rate will not increase even though the materials and resources in our platform continue to grow.

We have a massive community

You’ll be part of our exclusive Facebook group once you get the Gold Plan. Here, we post exclusive content, motivation, and all our members can chat and connect!

You’ll see solutions!

We are a science-backed program with a guarantee that you’ll lose weight no matter what your current weight and body type is. You’re free to customize the routine and nutrition to suit your needs!

how to lose weight

What advantages will you get with Z Physique’s online fitness membership plans?

Our affordable plans will teach you how to lose weight without the fads and dangerous gimmicks. What we offer are tried and true methods, even if you’re on a busy schedule. Most of all, our programs are versatile and flexible. We also maintain a healthy community that will back you up on your weight loss journey.

What is an Employee Wellness Program?

An employee wellness program aims to promote a healthier work environment through an effective fitness membership. Employers can add it to the benefits they give their employees. It has been proven that employee wellness programs in Gilbert, AZ, reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, and keep employees happy and healthy.

Such programs like Z Physique include exercise routines, diet plans, and other instructional information that suits the busy schedules of employees. The goal is to improve the overall health of employees at their own pace.

Instead of hitting the gym or trying hit-and-miss programs, Z Physique offers a well-crafted program for the corporate setting. It makes every member accountable for their own wellness through planning, tracking, and keeping up on their progress.

employee wellness programs gilbert az

This program also fosters participation and cooperation among your employees. Most of all, offering a fitness membership makes an employee feel cared for and valued.

We can ensure that the program caters to the needs and preferences of your employees. This is why employee involvement is crucial when picking a wellness program for your company.

How Can Z Physique’s Healthy Lifestyle Membership Plans Help?

At Z Physique, you can choose a fitness plan that suits the size of your business. All our memberships are packed with resources, guides, plans, and more for your employees to use.

Today, you can start prioritizing the health of your employees with the help of our fitness membership. Everything in our platform is tried and tested headed by our owner, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Evan Zingman.

From your diet, exercise, and other fitness activities, we got it covered. With Z Physique, you can transform your workforce into healthier and happier employees.

Disclaimer: Z Physique LLC offers health, fitness, and nutritional information and is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of health conditions. Please consult your physician or other healthcare professional before beginning or changing any fitness &/or nutrition program to make sure that it is appropriate for your needs.