November 2019 Nutrition Newsletter

As the holidays get into full swing, dishes like roasts and baked hams start appearing at gatherings with increased regularity. So, how can you navigate these meals while making healthful choices? Let’s talk about the nutrition information for the most popular holiday meats You may notice that cut matters. While a strip steak and a rib eye both come from a cow, the strip steak is much leaner, lower in calories, and higher in protein. Cuts to eat in moderation include leg of lamb, rib eye, and top loin, while roast turkey breast, roast ham, and strip steak all come in much lower on the calorie scale. However, calories aren’t everything. Roasted ham is packed with sodium, with 460 grams in a serving. Top loin and turkey thighs are similarly loaded with cholesterol.

By Judy Doherty, BS, PC

November 2019 Nutrition News