More Tomatoes, Please

Why you should include more tomatoes in your diet and how to make it happen.

The correct pronunciation has been a matter of debate for years. But no matter how you pronounce tomato, one thing is for sure. You could use a few more of them in your diet. Not buying it? Keep reading to find out what this little red delight has to offer your body and how you can ensure there is plenty of it in your diet to result in optimal health.

Red and Full Of…

Tomatoes aren’t just pretty to look at. They’re also jam packed with more vitamins and minerals than you may think. What can you expect to get out of the next tomato you chomp down on? First, you’ll get an amazing amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants – which come in the form of beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin A, lycopene, and lutein – help prevent renegade cells from causing damage that can eventually lead to cancers of all sorts.

As if fighting cancer weren’t reason enough to toss a few tomatoes in your lunch box, tomatoes also have plenty of potassium, which helps your body get rid of unwanted waste. Then there’s calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and a little bit of some other vitamins and minerals. Couple your tomatoes with olive oil or avocadoes, and you multiply their effectiveness, as these groupings enable your body to absorb more of the good stuff in tomatoes.

Get Your Fill By…

Sold on your need for more tomatoes? Slipping them into your diet is a fairly easy task. All you have to do is think ahead of time and eat. Or you can just eat!

Straight: Want the quickest way to enjoy a tomato and its health benefits? Grab one off the vine, wash it off, and enjoy. No matter if you go with a handful of small tomatoes or an apple-sized tomato, eating tomatoes as presented by nature is a great way to pick up some vitamins and minerals in no time. If you have a bit more time and prefer to mix tomatoes with other flavors, you have quite a few options there as well. Slice it up and put it on your ham or turkey sandwich or chop it into small pieces to be included in a salad. Just don’t add so much fattening dressing or mayonnaise that you negate some of the tomato’s benefits.

Saucy: Prefer your tomato to be a little more disguised? Get your tomato in the sauce form. You can then add it to your spaghetti noodles or toss it on top of a pizza. Of course, if you’d like to take the night off, you can get plenty of tomato sauce at a local restaurant. And while you may think this is a cheap and lesser way to enjoy the benefits of tomatoes, take heart! Cooking tomatoes into a paste actually increases the amount of some nutrients in the tomato. So eating them cooked is actually healthier than raw!

Stuff: So you like the texture and flavor of tomatoes, but you would rather them be hidden from site? No problem. Cook up a delicious calzone and stuff it full of ripe tomatoes. This will give your body a burst of benefits that only tomatoes provides, while giving your taste buds a burst of flavor you won’t forget any time soon.

It’s a Fact!

Despite what your instincts may tell you, tomatoes are actually a fruit. What makes them a fruit instead of a vegetable? The definition of a fruit is a food made of the ripened ovaries of flowering plants. Since tomatoes are just that, they fall neatly and definitively in the fruit family!

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