Keep Your Body in Check All Year Long

A few reasons you should eat well from January 1 to December 31.

Life is one huge seasonal event. Spring turns into summer, summer to fall, fall to winter, and winter to spring. As you pass through these seasons, you go through your own seasons: from being a toddler to a child, the teenage years, and adulthood. And while the world and your age may operate seasons, your eating habits should stay sure and steady throughout the year.

Why? Good question. Here are a few answers to help you stay on track with your healthy eating ways.

Swimsuit Season Is No Surprise

Have too much to do each day and not enough time to figure out when you should start your swimsuit exercise and diet regimen? Then why not stay in swimsuit shape all year long? That way, if you just happen to take a trip to the tropics in mid-February, you will get to have to wear your most flattering swimsuit instead of that unappealing sweat suit you’ve had since high school.

Not planning to hit a tropical locale during the cold months? You’ll feel comfortable enough in your own skin to hang out at the indoor pool when a company trip has you living in a hotel for a few days.

Consistency Does the Body Good

Imagine dropping dirty oil into your car’s engine for a few months every year. Even with six or eight months of feeding your car the best oil available, the dirty old oil will gradually wear your car out. The same is true for your body. In order to get the most from your body, you need to maintain a healthy weight all year long, throughout every season. It may not be easy to lay off those fattening comfort foods during the cold winter months, but your body will thank you.

Energy Up

When you wake up and the weather is dreadful, it can be difficult to get out of bed and get moving. Gain some extra pounds during the cold months, and it will be even harder. That’s because it takes more energy to move your heavy frame than your lighter, more svelte frame. Help make it easier to get out and about by feeding yourself healthy calories that provide energy to get through the day. Leave the extra, unnecessary calories alone – unless you’re looking for a way to have less energy.

Farewell, Seasonal SADness

Each year, folks around the globe suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the darker, colder months. With SAD, you experience light symptoms of depression that make you feel tired for no reason. Eat the right foods and maintain a healthy weight, however, and you will have increased energy and a better outlook on life, making it possible to fend off SAD. In the event you do experience a bout with SAD, your healthy weight can cause the episode to pass faster.

Guilt, Be Gone!

If you’ve ever let your weight go up and down, you know what happens when it’s on the up and up: guilt! With year-round weight management, that self-loathing goes bye-bye. In its place is a confidence you’ve never experienced. And while others are wondering how you’re saying no to a third piece of pie, you’re content knowing the benefits of staying healthy 365 days a year.

Make It Happen

Want to keep your body in tiptop shape every day of the year? Then you’re going to have to make some changes to how you operate. Try the following tips to maintain a healthy weight from now until this time next year:

  • get rid of fattening foods that are hard to resist
  • tell your loved ones what you’re doing and encourage them to get onboard
  • make your own food as often as possible
  • adopt an exercise routine that you can maintain
  • don’t get upset when you eat more than you should, but use it as a learning experience to avoid doing so next time
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