Injury Prevention For Exercise

Most athletes are familiar with the “good kind” of pain. The burning in your muscles and the sheer physical exhaustion that signals you’ve pushed your body past its limits in an effort to build it into something stronger. Unfortunately, that’s not the only type of pain that comes with exercise.

An injury due to overexertion or performing an exercise incorrectly can cause bad pain — the type that indicates something’s wrong and can keep you from going any further.

Rather than allowing pain to derail your fitness goals, it’s important for athletes of any stripe to understand how they can prevent injuries. In most cases, preventing injuries that can occur during exercise is a simple matter of properly gearing up for your workout.

When you have the right fitness gear, enough water to stay hydrated, and a good warmup routine, you stand a much better chance of completing your workout injury-free. Varying your workout and not spending too much time on one type of exercise gives your body a chance to recover easier and may prevent the type of repetitive-stress injuries that are common among athletes.

If you’re deep into a workout routine and want to make sure the good kind of pain is the only type you experience, take a look at the tips in this guide below.

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