Essential Oils

How to Use Aromatherapy in Your Self-Care Routine

Self-care has become a modern buzz word. For some it means luxurious days at the spa for others it means getting at least seven hours of sleep. Self care is how you make sure you’re energized and healthy. Aromatherapy allows you to do self care while going about your regular business. You can use it while putting on your makeup, shopping at the grocery store, or reading a book in your living room. 

Aromatherapy harnesses the power of essential oils, which are derived from the stems, roots, bark, and flowers of plants. They’re mainly used for their scents although some can be taken in pill form. A few of the most common uses are to treat:

  • Indigestion

  • Anxiety

  • Circulatory problems

  • Headaches

  • Chronic pain

But they’re also used to clear the mind and enliven the senses. The best part—they’re simple to add into your self-care routine.

Identify Your Goals

Before you can decide how you’re going to use essential oils, you need to know what you want to use them for. That will help you narrow down both the oils you’ll use and how best to use them. 

For example, if you use lavender to treat anxiety, you can diffuse it while you get ready in the morning, keep a roll-on in your pocket for quick daytime treatment, and diffuse again before you go to bed. However, if you were using peppermint oil for better digestion, you may only want to use it as part of your bedtime routine. 

Diffuse for Simple Treatments

Diffusers disperse essential oils into the air where they can be inhaled and absorbed by the body. They’re made in models both big and small, faux wood and color changing. You can turn one on while you go through your morning routine, soaking in the tub, or while you’re falling asleep at night. Many models have clocks, timers, radios, and a few can be programmed to shift through different colors. They’re a fun and simple way to add a deeper level of relaxation and treatment to your self-care routine.

Roll-On for a Quick Fix

Essential oils are highly concentrated and can damage your skin if they’re not properly diluted with a carrier oil. Once mixed, you can store them in a small roll-on applicator to be applied to the wrist or neck. They’re perfect for reducing anxiety, stress, chronic pain, or for a quick afternoon pick up. If you’re new to essential oils, be sure to talk with an experienced aromatherapist so your solution is mixed correctly. 

Lotions and Beauty Products

Some lotions and beauty products come with essential oils mixed into their formulas. But if your favorites don’t, you can sometimes add a little yourself. With essential oils added to your favorite beauty products, you’re getting a little self-care boost every time you put on your favorite lotion or mist.


Self care doesn’t have to be a long commitment or complicated. An essential oil-infused candle burning in the background can turn a bath into relaxing self care. Try keeping a few small candles each with a different essential oil so you can adjust the scent based on your mood or issues you’re battling on any given day. And who doesn’t love a relaxing candle flickering in the background?


Aromatherapy can add to the depth and breadth of your self-care routine. It’s simple to include and lets you adjust the routine to address your changing needs. Give it a try and start small. Before long, aromatherapy will feel like an essential part of your self care.