How to kick seasonal allergies out of your life

What’s your favorite season of the year? If the spring isn’t on top of your list, it’s likely because of seasonal allergies. And while you’re not alone, knowing that millions of others have the same problems doesn’t make it any more pleasant when you’re sneezing, scratching your eyes, and feeling worn out.
So how can you show seasonal allergies who’s boss and turn your least favorite season into a season you can actually enjoy?

Limit Your World

Yes, it’s pretty outside and the sun is calling you. The flowers are starting to bloom and all you want to do is work in your garden. Before you go out there and regret it, think twice. Because as with many things, prevention is the best medicine for allergies.

By limiting the time you spend with your allergen adversaries, the more likely you’ll be to avoid those annoying symptoms. Can’t help but get out and about? Then do it at the right time. Allergens are usually at their peak in the afternoon, so do your outdoor exercising, gardening, and yard work in the early hours.

CEvery season can be an allergy season, depending on what you’re allergic to. – Clara Chung

Clean Your World

Sitting in your house doesn’t necessarily keep you away from those things that cause you to sneeze and sniffle. Because every time you open the door to let friends and family in, they may be bringing the very things you’re trying to keep out.

An easy way to keep your home as allergen free as possible is to have everyone who enters leave their shoes outside. You’ll also want to keep your home and other areas you spend a lot of time clean. This includes the inside of your car, as you may spend as many as 20 hours in it each week.

Pay Attention

No matter when your allergy symptoms kick in, you can reduce them substantially by knowing what is causing your reaction. On days that bring your allergies to a climax, hop online to find out what allergens are in the air in your area. (A good place to start if you’re in America is Once you know what causes your allergies, keep an eye on local alert systems that let you know what allergens are expected to be in high concentrations at any given time. When your allergens are out and about, you shouldn’t be.

Wash Off

After you’ve been walking through the park with friends, don’t just go home and have a seat on the couch. Get into your bathroom and take a shower first. There are all sorts of allergens that may be sitting on your shoulder or riding on your back. By taking off your clothes and rinsing yourself off in the shower, you get those allergens off your body and prevent them from causing you to suffer.

When you head to the shower, don’t just toss your clothes on the floor. Be sure to either put them directly into the washing machine or stuff them into a clothes hamper and make sure the lid is closed well.

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