How CBD can Ease the Post-Workout Aches

The endorphins that come during a good workout are great for helping you to keep going, but once you are done, they tend to wear off. That is when you can start to feel achy and sore, making the rest of your day a little bit more difficult. Here are some of the many ways that cannabidiol, also known as CBD, can help you to deal with your post-workout aches and help you to be your happiest, healthiest self.

Reduce Topical Pain

If you find yourself struggling with the soreness after workouts, CBD can help. CBD has some pain-reducing properties that can help you if you apply a lotion or balm directly to the areas that are sore like you would with something like Icy Hot. It works with the receptors in your nervous system to reduce the amount of pain they receive, making it feel more manageable. This will help you to feel a little more comfortable no matter how hard you went during your workout.

Reduce Post-Workout Inflammation

Whether you take CBD as a pure oil or use it as a topical cream, it can also reduce the amount of inflammation that your body creates around what it perceives as an injury. Inflammation is supposed to help your body protect itself from being injured further, but it’s also what makes you the most uncomfortable after you are injured. Reducing the inflammation will help you to be a lot less stiff after you work out. It can make a huge impact on how you feel afterward.

Encourages Sleep

CBD is incredibly helpful in making it easier for you to fall asleep. By combining stress relief, Anxiety Relief, and pain relief, you are much more likely to sleep easier and better. Getting better sleep will help your muscles to heal from your workout and produce a large enough amount of the proteins that you need to grow them further through your workout.

Sleep also makes you more likely to make good decisions when it comes to your workouts and less likely mistakes that could lead to injuries simply by giving your brain more power to work with, making you healthier overall. You will also be less clumsy

When deciding whether you should try CBD or not, you should be cautious. CBD can only soothe some of the aches and pains away. It will not heal a strained muscle or any other injury. If you feel any sort of sharp pain or a pulling action within your body, you need to go talk to your doctor in order to avoid further injuring yourself.

It’s also possible for you to be allergic to the highly-scented oil. You are especially at risk for this if you have issues with other types of grasses. Certain medications and medical conditions can also change the way that CBD affects you, so it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before you use it even if you are not injured.