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Wine, Carbs, and Alcohol: Minimizing the Dietary Damage

(Source) Wine – in moderation – might have positive effects on our bodies. However, it also comes with many side effects: poor quality sleep, rough hangovers, risk of addiction, and – especially for white wine – a...

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How Much More Should I Eat When Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

You’re pregnant – yeah, congratulations! Baby has arrived, and now you’re breastfeeding – yeah, you’re officially a breastaurant! Eating well during pregnancy and while breastfeeding isn’t just about eating enough, it’s about WHAT you’re eating too! Let’s...

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Breathing Exercises

Sleep Like A Baby With This Breathing Exercises

Introduction Are you a night owl with dark rings underneath your eyes and a brain fogged with sleep deprivation and worries? If so, then it is time to adopt the seven amazing breathing exercises for deep and...

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Real People Who Made The Change

Drag your mouse over the Z Physique client to see their change!

Pat R Before PhotoPat R After Photo

Pat R.

I’ve never had great self-esteem because of my body.
I’ve never been an athlete.
I was always the last kid to get picked for teams in P.E.
The idea of walking, let alone running, a marathon seemed a joke. A sad, impossible joke.
And the thought of going into a public gym scared the hell out of me.
I just turned 30 and my mom, who had always loved me no matter what I looked like, passed away at 55 from a
heart attack. She had always been my rock, but she, like me, had spent a lifetime of being obese.
I knew what I had to do, but I had no idea how to do it.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to Z Physique.
And all I have to say is…WOW! From the comfort of my home I learned how my body functions and what I needed to
start doing to start making a change. I got meal plans which were catered to ME from certified dieticians and
the app made it super easy to create grocery lists each week. And not knowing the first thing about how to do
a lunge correctly became obsolete because the fitness app showed me step-by-step correct form with an unbelievable
video library.

A year later I found myself 40 pounds lighter and running in my first Half Marathon.
Fitness used to overwhelm me. Z Physique made me unstoppable.

José V Before PicJosé V After Pic

José V.

I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t know what I’m most happy about: the fact that
I dropped 63 pounds and can fit in jeans I could have worn back in 10th grade or that the
excruciating back and knee pain I have had for the past 10 years is all but gone.

Z Physique isn’t rocket science. Anyone can literally change their lives with some knowledge
and time spent doing the right things. Just look at me. I still can’t believe it. Z Physique has
literally helped change my life around.

Josh Before PicJosh After Pic

Josh C.

I initially came to Evan and Z Physique with the hope of getting some help with working out
the "right way." Well, that certainly happened and so much more!

Evan taught me how to effectively work out and accompany that with a healthy eating lifestyle.
He didn't just tell me about good websites to check out, he provided me with tools like a
cookbook and an amazing nutrition app. But more importantly, he took the time to go over
the kinds of things I should be looking for in labels and other areas.

I remember one time asking a question about a certain food Evan didn't know the answer to.
He researched it on his own and got back to me in less than a day. I couldn't be happier with
the skillset Z Physique helped me develop. If you allow Z Physique to help, the system and
these tools will empower you to do the same.

Barbara Before PicBarbara After Pic

Barbara K.

Z Physique has really figured out how to make health, wellness and fitness doable. Finally there’s
a system that not only helps me with knowing what’s the right food and exercises for me but also
educates me on what my body is doing and what to expect.

If you want the best results, you really should get all three components. At first I just
wanted to have meals plans made for me, so I got the Nutrition App, but it was only after I took
the time to learn everything I needed to know with Onboard101 and having my
pocket trainer in the Fitness App that I really started to see major results.

Also, Z Physique is totally dedicated to helping its clients and Evan, CEO, is amazing
at giving quick feedback and answers to any of my questions. I'm extremely thankful that
I found Z Physique! Thank you!

"The human body is the best picture
of the human soul."

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