Foods that Fight Fat

Fill your stomach and still lose weight.

Dieting doesn’t have to mean deprivation and starvation. Actually, there are some foods that actually help in your battle against the bulge. With these fat-fighting foods, it’s a win-win situation—you fill your stomach and the foods do the hard work. This doesn’t mean you can stuff your face all day and still expect to lose weight, but it does mean you can speed your weight loss by including these healthy foods in your low-calorie diet.

Categorized by food group, here are the foods to fill up on the next time you’re hungry.

A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the food limit. – Unknown

#1: Grains

Foods high in fiber help your body burn fat and eat less because your body has to work harder and longer to digest them. Switch out your processed, empty carbs with 100-percent whole-grain breads, pastas, and cereals. They’re low in fat and filled with fiber to satisfy your hunger…unlike their alternative.

A great way to add some grains to your diet is by starting your day with oatmeal. Rich in fiber and made of whole-grain oats, oatmeal will keep you feeing full for hours. Sweeten your oatmeal with nutmeg or cinnamon for a low-calorie, filling meal.

#2: Dairy

The protein found in low-fat dairy makes these foods an effective part of a weight-loss plan. Foods rich in protein stay in your stomach for longer than other types of foods, require more energy to digest (your body burns calories digesting food), and help to keep you feeling satisfied so you won’t be as likely to overeat.

Just remember that all dairy items aren’t created equal. Choose skim milk over two percent or whole. It’s just as nutritious, but it doesn’t have the fat. High in protein, vitamin D, and calcium, skim milk is the way to go if you’re trying to lose weight.

When deciding which type of yogurt to eat, go Greek. It’s got twice as much protein as other varieties, so it fills you up faster. There are also low-sugar, non-fat, and low-fat options available, so you can have your yogurt and keep a slim waistline, too!

#3: Meat, Fish, Eggs, and Nuts

Similar to dairy, meat, fish, eggs, and nuts are prime weight-loss foods because of their high protein content. Just choose carefully and eat healthy portions of these types of foods.

Lean cuts of meat, skinless chicken breasts, and fish are great choices for protein-rich foods. Between meals, snack on nuts to curb your hunger. Nuts are high in protein, and they’re rich in fiber and healthy fats as well, making them a great weight-loss snack when eaten in small quantities.

Start your day off with eggs for a nutritious breakfast and you’ll fill up on high-quality protein to keep your tummy feeling full. And as it takes more calories to digest eggs than to digest a meal full of carbs, your body will be working overtime to do away with the calories you just ate.

#4: Fruits and Vegetables

You don’t have to be told twice to eat plenty of fruits and veggies in your effort to lose weight. Full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these foods are a vital part of a healthy diet. Fruits that are high in fiber and water content such as grapefruit and watermelon also help you feel full while being extremely low in calories. Apples and pears are also high in water and fiber, but it takes some work to chew these fruits. As a result, you burn calories while you’re eating and the fiber and water content helps you eat less.

When hungry, snack on raw veggies. They’re low in calories, high in nutrition, and full of water to fill you up. Celery is so low in calories you’ll actually burn your snack off just by eating and digesting it.

#5: Drinks

Foods aren’t the only way to burn calories. You can also stimulate your metabolism and burn more calories by drinking green tea and coffee. These beverages contain phytochemicals, which may have a small positive effect on your metabolism. Just one more excuse for that third cup of Joe (as long as you go easy on the sugar and cream).

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