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Fitness Workout App To Get Healthy And Stay Fit In [2018]

Update: 01.01.20

Z FIT App has been replaced and updated with Z Fit Studio: Online Fitness & Nutrition Planner.

If you want proper guidance to help you accomplish your fitness goals, then the Z FIT Fitness App is the solution for you. Z FIT works as your online personal trainer app that comes with your everywhere. You can even ask questions directly to your trainer through the app’s “Ask” feature.

Hundreds of workout routines are available in this fitness app. You can refer to “how to” videos to ensure proper form and learn new exercises. With this app you can share all your workouts as well. Learn all that’s included in the Z FIT Fitness App below.

Hundreds Of Goal-Based Workouts

The Z FIT Fitness App offers more than 950 goal-based workouts. You can choose from Bodyweight Bootcamp, to Strength Training, and Bodybuilding. This fitness workout app guides you through every exercise with pictures, videos, tips, and audio-coaching.

Drag & Drop Builder

To make your experience even more customized, our app allows you to make your own sessions with more than 7,000 male and female exercise pictures and videos. This might just be one of the largest exercise and video libraries in the world. Simply select a muscle group you want to focus on and the equipment you want to use. Then, drag and drop your selections to create your own customized workout session. Finally, add the customized session to your My Workouts library.

Track Your Progress

The Z FIT app allows you to keep track of your exercises, workouts, and body stats. This will help you maintain your exercise history, record reps, sets, and cardio tracking. Take your picture before and after the workout plan to see your results. Use the body measurement tools and conduct the essential body calculations, like heart rate, weight, and BMI.

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Share, Print, And Interact

You can share workouts with friends and get challenged by others. With the Share Workout feature, you can get interactive workout sessions and challenges from friends and family. Nothing beats keeping each other accountable when reaching your fitness goals.

If you like to get a complete workout with pictures, tips, and video links in a paper, you can do so. Through the Print Workout feature, you can print a complete workout routine to take with you and check off during your workout.

And you should be proud that you’re taking a step in a healthier direction, that’s why we’ve made each workout log shareable to your social media profiles. Post your workout session and let your friends know that you’re using Z FIT to achieve your body goals.

Follow Our Week By Week Plan

If you have a particular goal in mind and want to commit yourself to, let the Fitness Plans guide you. Our Fitness Plans will let you know what workout to do every day and at what intensity. Some of the most popular plans include Strength Builder, Weight Loss, and Total Body.

Sync Your Mobile Device

Doing workouts and watching progress on a big computer screen is totally fine. But, if you want to get mobile, you can download the full-featured iOS or Android apps after activating your account. You’ll receive an email shortly after purchasing your program. The email will have the link to activate and log into your Z FIT Plus account.

If you want a fitness app with a meal plan, you can also subscribe to our Z Nutrition app. Get your own personal trainer online today and try the results-driven Z FIT Fitness App!