Exercising while out of town

You’re going out of town, and think you are going to have to miss out on your workout routine.  That does not have to be the case. When looking for a hotel, check out if they have a fitness center.  More and more hotels are adding that as an amenity.  They may also have a pool that you can do laps and get some cardio in.

If they don’t, no worries, you can easily pack resistance bands. You can even deflate your stability ball, pack and take that with you. Don’t forget the pump to inflate it.

You can also do push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, etc.  which do not require any equipment.

Be creative, just because you may be out of town, does not mean you have to miss a workout.  If you absolutely can’t workout while you are gone, do not stress over it or punish yourself.  Just start back up when you get home.

Keep a positive attitude and stay motivated and you will reach your goals.

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