Exercise Meets Video Game

Do games really count?

Ever since the world has realized that exercise makes you healthier, human beings have sough to make exercise more enjoyable. Hence the never-ending litany of exercise fads that come and go, claiming to make exercise not just tolerable, but something you won’t want to do without.

These days, fun exercise isn’t packaged in the form of a hip new aerobics class. It comes in the form of a video game console. But can a video game really deliver on its fun fitness promises?

Why, Yes It Can

If you’ve considered investing in a video game system that allows you to exercise while playing, it may be time to do it. Because while your fears of false advertising are well grounded (Remember the pet rock you got that never loved you back?), exercise-inducing video games are the real deal. That’s right – they can help you burn some of those extra calories you ate today.

Currently, there are a few video game consoles that combine exercise and video game fun. With these systems, your body movement determines how well you perform on any given game. The success of these systems is so great that researchers have studied their effectiveness and found that video games can get your heart rate pumping at a moderate level and improve your mood.

But You’ve Gotta Be Careful

While it is possible to get some exercise with your video game console, it’s also possible to play many of the video games intended to get you moving without actually doing any movement. Therefore, if you’re going to invest the money to buy video games intended to make you move, you’ll need to invest the energy required to actually burn some calories.

In other words, you’re not going to burn any calories if you sit in your chair and flip your wrist during a video game tennis match. You’re going to need to stand up, stay on your toes, and really swing that controller like a tennis racquet. Not interested in making the necessary movements with your body to get the most out of your video game console? Then you’re going to need to bypass video games and go with some good old exercise.

Go with the Combo

Even if you work yourself each day with a video game exercise program, your body will probably crave a little bit more. Hence why it’s important to get in the gym a few times each week regardless of your video game-related exercise routine.

So what’s the best way to use the gym and your game console to your advantage? Do what you normally do in the gym. Make sure you get at least 30 minutes of exercise three to five times a week. Stay in your aerobics class, stick to your weight-lifting regimen, and continue swimming laps a couple days a week. When you get home, go about your normal routine as well. But when you consider settling down for an hour or two of television, turn on your favorite exercise video game instead.

With a round of golf, a couple matches of tennis, and a game of soccer, you’ll burn quite a few extra calories and help your metabolism stay high throughout the day. So if you’re interested in using video games to boost your exercise routine, maintain your gym membership, toss some movement-heavy video games into the routine, and you’ll be in better shape than ever.

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Been using your video game console to get some extra exercise? Congrats! If you do it right, you’re burning about 250 calories an hour. Not bad for family fun, is it?

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