Eating on Overtime

A few tricks to keep your diet healthy even when your job has you working late.

You’ve worked a long time to get where you are at your job. You’ve worked even longer to get yourself into healthy eating habits. Suddenly, you’re at a pivotal moment when your job has you working over and you’re stuck wondering how to avoid falling back into your unhealthy-eating ways.

What can you do to keep your diet and that of your family from suffering because of your late hours?

Plan Ahead

Is working overtime a given for you? Then stop making excuses and start planning ahead of time. Know you’re going to stay late at the office or the work site a few days each week? Don’t wait until you’re working overtime to figure out how you’re going to avoid dropping by the fast-food restaurant on the way home. Think about it a night or two ahead of time and do something about it.

What exactly can you do? Do what busy people across the planet do. Cook a week’s worth of meals on your off days and toss the food in the freezer. That way, when you’re pressed for time, all you have to do is toss dinner in the oven for a few minutes, and you’re good to go. If you aren’t motivated to cook a week’s worth of meals at once, cook too much food every time you cook and eat on it for two or three nights. You’ll get tired of eating spaghetti after two nights, but eating leftovers will save you an incredible amount of time and prevent you from making poor food choices.

Snack Healthily

Dinnertime should be a sacred time during which you sit down with the entire family to be together and discuss the day’s happenings. While the meal itself is sacred, don’t hold the time as such. Instead, have a little flex with your mealtime.

Have to stay at the office for another hour? Don’t fret. Just grab a handful of carrot sticks or a dozen fresh blueberries to help you fight the temptation to grab a greasy pizza on the way home. And before you walk into your last meeting of the day, call your family and remind them that they can find healthy snacks in the kitchen cabinet. This way, they’ll have a small and healthy snack instead of filling up on snack cakes and pudding cups.

Spread the Love

Want a great way to get out of spending an hour cooking when you get home after a grueling day at work? Show your family around the kitchen. Even youngsters can lend a hand in the cooking effort, and every minute you have someone helping in the kitchen is another minute saved, which puts you another minute closer to eating time.

Don’t have a spouse or kids? Beg your roommate to help as you try to maintain a healthy diet despite a hectic work schedule. Living on your own? Then you may just need to cook all your weekly meals at one time after all. Or you may want to hunt down a business that specializes in cooking healthy meals and will deliver the meals to your home or even your workplace. That way, even if you’re stuck working until the wee hours of the morning, you can enjoy a healthy and filling dinner.

When Dinner Is at Work

Sometimes, you’ve got to work so late that you’re not worried about getting home in time for a healthy dinner. You’re worried about getting dinner at all. But don’t let these situations turn into a fattening take-out meal. Go potluck with your coworkers!

To do this, talk with your coworkers about the idea the day before you’re stuck at work for the long haul. Have everyone bring one healthy food item, and have everyone sit down for dinner together. It may not be as nice as being at home, but sharing meal responsibilities with your work family is a surefire way to increase camaraderie, promote healthier lives, and help you get the night’s work done in record time.

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