Early New Year’s Resolution

Well, here it is the week after Thanksgiving.  Many people start to think about their New Year’s resolution at this point. At the top of most people’s list is to start exercising on Jan 1st.  How about this year putting a twist on that.  Why not start now?  This way, by the time the first of the year hits, you will already be in your new routine. Some will say, but it’s the holidays and I want to enjoy it.  Well, you still can.  Don’t punish yourself; just keep your goals in mind. Make exercising and eating right a part of your everyday life now and you will reap the rewards.  You will have a head start on the weight loss, or whatever your goal may be.

This time of year you will be bombarded by ads from all the major gym chains.  Please do your research.  They will make it sound very inviting, and they know that the majority of the people will sign up and never go.  Then most of the rest will start, go for 2-3 months and never return, yet the charges continue to come out of your checking account.  If the gym is not in a convenient location, or you have to wait for equipment, are you getting a good workout or your money’s worth? Online Training may also be a good option for you to explore.

To get the most out of your workouts, it is best to have a certified personal trainer that you have on tap to answer your questions. Some trainers at the gym or private studios are only there for you during your session and you have no contact between sessions.  What if you have questions?  Also, beware of long term agreements and contracts.  If you are sure you will use it for the entire time of the contract or package, then it may make financial sense, unfortunately, that typically is not the case and the only one making out is the gym or private studio. Always check the credentials of your trainer before signing on. Make sure that they have a current national certification.  All the information will be made available on the certification website.

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