Drink to Your Good Health

6 drinks you should start slurping for maximum health.

You know exercise and a healthy diet help you maintain good health. But did you know that you can improve your health by sipping on the right drinks?

Wondering what drinks you should be drinking to live life to the fullest? Wonder no more.

Drink #1: Orange Juice

One of the most readily available drinks on the list, orange juice packs a very powerful punch. How much punch can you get from a glass of OJ? All you need is a single cup of the orange goodness to get your daily allotment of vitamin C. Since this vitamin helps your immunity stay strong and also aids in the fat-burning process, a second glass probably won’t hurt you. Just be sure to go with 100-percent orange juice. Otherwise, you may wind up with added sugars that make it more difficult for you to meet your health goals.

Drink #2: Green Tea

Sometimes, being healthy can be a drag. It requires check-ups at your doctor and dropping your unhealthy habits for new, healthy ones. But sometimes, a good thing can help you enjoy improved health. If you already love green tea, you probably know that it lowers your risk for cavities, cancers, heart disease, and osteoporosis. And if you don’t love green tea, these facts should change your mind!

Drink #3: Milk

Whether you love cow’s milk or soymilk, milk of all sorts is great for your health. By drinking low-fat (one-percent) milk, you get the upper hand against osteoporosis and are able to stay full longer, which means you’ll eat less and be better equipped to lose weight. Prefer soymilk? Your heart disease risk will be reduced, and you can have your soymilk fortified with all sorts of vitamins and minerals. Just be careful, as there is a potential link between excessive soymilk intake and breast cancer.

Drink #4: Coconut Water

Quite possibly the first sports drink to ever exist, coconut water is found inside whole green coconuts and your local grocery store. It’s not full of calories or fat, but it has plenty of potassium, which gives you the energy boost you need during and after a workout. So if you’ve been seeking an alterative to your daily banana, you just found it!

Drink #5: Kefir

It may have an odd name, but this drink is a fantastic way to protect your good health. Full of all the good bacteria you can find in yogurt plus five or six more, kefir is made with fermented cow, sheep, or goat milk. In addition to helping your immune system, kefir helps your digestive system maintain regularity and optimal health.

Drink #6: Cranberry Juice

It may have some bite, but cranberry juice’s benefits far outweigh any bitterness left in your mouth after downing a glass of the rich juice. For years, cranberry juice has been known to ward off urinary tract infections (UTIs). It was so well known that many physicians prescribed cranberry juice to patients with frequent UTIs. However, cranberry juice doesn’t just protect your urinary tract. It’s also been found to protect your gums and teeth from disease. As with orange juice, make sure it’s 100-percent cranberry juice or you’ll wind up with a mouthful of harmful sugars.

Keep the Straws Away

Getting and staying healthy is no easy task. You’ve got to watch carefully what you eat and drink. Before you start sipping on anything and everything put in front of you, keep in mind the fact that drinks, like foods, come in healthy and unhealthy variations.

To sidestep sipping on the unhealthy drinks, avoid sodas, sweet tea, rich and sweet coffees, and milkshakes. By avoiding these calorie- and fat-rich foods, you can help maintain high levels of energy and low levels of fat.

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