Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Tired of having a bad attitude? Do something about it.

In life, there are some things you can’t change: your family history of cancer, the grades you made in elementary school, your lopsided smile. But your attitude is something you can give a complete makeover to – if you’re willing.

What can you do to take your poor attitude and flip it on its head? You’re about to find out some of the tricks of the happy trade!

Believe It

Want to kick your sour ways to the curb? You’ve got to know you can do it! Only when you’re confident in your ability to change your attitude will you be prepared to change your attitude. Don’t feel capable of such a modification? Then you’ve already lost the fight. Feel good about your likelihood of changing your attitude for good? Then keep reading.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. –Winston Churchill

Stick with Smiling

Know the old mantra, “Fake it ‘till you make it”? You’ll need to live by this one when changing your attitude. Because while you may think your good attitude will automatically transform how you see the world, you’ll still have bad days. Instead of letting these days drag you back into your old bad attitude, be ready for them with a smile. Not sure how to smile through the frustrating times life brings your way? Don’t stop reading!

Focus on the Positive

There will always be something bad going on in the world. Watch the news, and you’ll learn that something bad happens every day. But don’t let it get you down. Because the news rarely ends on a sour note. After a long broadcast displaying the woes of modern society, most news shows end with a positive story: a firefighter who saved a kitten or a dyslexic child who won the spelling bee. Watch these stories, too, and let them remind you that life isn’t always bad. It’s actually quite wonderful if you pay attention. So pay attention to the positive, and dwell on it.

Think before Reacting

Have a problem blowing up when a problem comes your way? You need to think a bit more. By spending a little time thinking through an issue, you can calm yourself down and even put a positive spin on it. While it is very upsetting that your dishwasher isn’t working, you don’t have to get upset. Take a deep breath, think about what the problem could be, and smile. Then pop open the dishwasher and correct the problem. Or if you get angry when doing projects (because they never seem to go your way), call someone to do it for you.

Speak Well

When you have a bad attitude, certain words come out of your mouth. The most obvious ones are those nasty words that no one should say – the ones you would discipline your children for saying. Get rid of them. Equally important is to get rid of some other words that are keeping your attitude change from affecting your whole person. These words include “can’t,” “maybe,” and “try.” If you’re going to have a positive attitude, you need to be ready to do things. There is no room for trying, riding the fence, or doubting your abilities. A positive attitude is one that says, “Yes!”

See the Impact

While you may think your negative attitude only affects you, it has a direct impact on the people you interact with each day. The good news is that your positive attitude can do the same thing. By smiling and being kind, you can encourage others who may be feeling down. In fact, a kind word spoken at the right time can have significant, life-long impacts on someone’s life. So the next time you feel like letting your bad attitude ruin your day, remember it may also ruin someone else’s and get positive for the sake of others.

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