Danger for Doggie

Think everything you eat is okay for Fido? Think again.

There’s a reason food and treats are made especially for dogs. Their body systems are different than humans’ and therefore react differently to foods we enjoy everyday. While some foods are perfectly safe for your dog to eat such as lean meats, rice, vegetables, and eggs, there’s a long list of foods that pose a danger to the health of your pet. Some are even considered poisonous. Unless you’re positive the table scraps you feed your best friend are safe, you may want to stick to dog food.

If you suspect your dog accidentally ate a harmful food and isn’t acting normal, call the animal poison control center or your veterinarian. And even if your dog is drooling and begging or waiting patiently for a handout, be careful to never feed him the following foods.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. – Roger A. Caras

Forbidden #1: Alcohol

Keep your dog away from alcoholic beverages. Clean up any spilled beer and don’t leave wine glasses sitting where they can be reached. Ingestion can cause central nervous system problems, vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, tremors, and even death to your beloved pet.

Forbidden #2: Caffeine, Chocolate, and Coffee

Sodas, coffee, and chocolates may be some of your favorite foods, but keep them out of reach of your dog. An ingredient found in these foods and drinks can cause excessive thirst, panting, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, hyperactivity, and even death in your dog.

Forbidden #3: Grapes and Raisins

What it is about grapes and raisins that’s so bad for your dog is unknown, but there’s something so toxic that it can lead to kidney failure and liver damage. When the kids are snacking on grapes or raisins, make sure they don’t spill any on the ground for Fido to find.

Forbidden #4: Nuts

Like other foods high in fat (fatty meat, dairy products, and avocados), nuts can cause vomiting and diarrhea in your dog. They also increase the risk of pancreatitis.

Macadamia nuts in particular are dangerous for your dog. They may be a nutritional powerhouse for humans, but expect weakness, tremors, hyperthermia (elevated body temperature), and vomiting in a dog if he’s eaten these yummy nuts.

Forbidden #5: Onions and Chives

Cooked, raw, powdered, or mixed in other foods, onions are completely off limits for dogs. Substances found in onions are toxic to dogs, causing anemia and red blood cell damage.

Forbidden #6: Raw Bones

Be careful about which bones you let your dog chew on. Small bones, like those found on a chicken, can easily be choked on or get lodged in the digestive tract. Larger, cooked bones may be brittle and break easily into little splinters that could do the same.

Forbidden #7: Salty Foods

Eating too much salt poses a health risk for your pets, causing excessive thirst, frequent urination, vomiting, diarrhea, hyperthermia, tremors, seizures, and even death. This means no sharing of popcorn on the couch while you watch a movie together and no handouts of pretzels, potato chips, or leftover fried rice.

Forbidden #8: Xylitol

You’ll find xylitol in gum, candy, sweet snacks, and toothpaste. This artificial sweetener increases the production of insulin, which can cause liver failure and low blood sugar levels in dogs. Signs of poisoning include lethargy, loss of coordination, seizures, and vomiting. To make sure your dog avoids this danger, keep the Halloween candy well out of reach of all pets.

Forbidden #9: Yeast

Yeast is added to bread to help it rise. When consumed by a dog, it continues to expand in the digestive system causing pain, bloating, and gas. If a dog eats too much yeast, your pooch’s stomach can actually rupture, putting the dog’s life at risk. Keep yeast granules and yeast dough out of reach of your pets.

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