Lose Weight: Cutting Calories Made Easy


This course brings you tons of proven, easy strategies you can use to help you cut calories without strict diets, pills, supplements, special drinks, or feeling deprived.


The course starts off with a bang as you learn 25 ways to slash calories on the sly in the very first lesson. The fun continues with ways to enhance your motivation and shop wisely at the grocery store during your weight loss journey. Learn how you can even benefit from taking a break from your diet.

Discover strategies for cutting calories by when and how you eat. Learn calorie-cutting secrets for eating slower, controlling your portions, and eating in moderation. See how to cut calories in drinks as well as food.

Module 2 of the course shows you effective tips, tricks, and techniques for coping with your eating triggers such as emotional eating, environmental triggers, and late-night cravings. You’ll also discover ways to avoid those frequent trips to the (high-calorie) drive-thru or ordering out, even if you hate to cook.

Continue your calorie-cutting journey with ways to use your body’s natural processes to control hunger, increase your self-control, and maintain your weight loss as you move forward.

As with any course, the secret to your success with this course lies in taking action to implement the new strategies you’ve learned. To this end, you’ll find handouts like affirmations, tracking charts, motivational prints, and more throughout the course. Also, each lesson ends with a short exercise to help you get started using the tips in that lesson.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Greatly reduce the amount of calories you consume, without feeling deprived
  • Eat in moderation, without leaving from the table still hungry
  • Schedule a full day of meals and snacks, without racking up the calories
  • Include your favorite foods, without sabotaging your efforts to lose weight
  • Cope with stress, boredom, and negative feelings, without splurging on junk food
  • Increase your self-control
  • Maintain your target weight in the future  


Are there requirements or prerequisites for this course? 

Only a desire to lose weight and a willingness to take action to implement the strategies

What benefits will I receive from this course?

You’ll develop a new appreciation for food.

You’ll build new habits that enable you to automatically consume fewer calories while enjoying your food more.

You’ll enjoy increased self-esteem as you take greater control of the parts of your life that revolve around food.

You’ll strengthen your self-control – a skill that will help you in every area of your life.

Is there a particular audience that this course is geared toward?

If you want to lose weight, this course is for you.

Module 1 Cut Calories Without Feeling Deprived
Unit 1 Slashing Calories on the Sly: 25 Weight Loss Tricks That Require Little Effort
Unit 2 6 Tips to Enhance Motivation in Weight Loss
Unit 3 Grocery Shopping Techniques That Help You Lose Weight
Unit 4 Lose Weight by Taking a Break From Your Diet
Unit 5 The Mealtime Miracle for Weight Loss Success
Unit 6 Learn How to Eat Slower Step by Step to Lose Weight
Unit 7 The Portion Control Solution for Dieters Who’ve Tried It All
Unit 8 Top Secrets to Eating in Moderation
Unit 9 Managing Liquid Calories Made Easy
Unit 10 Module 1 – Summary and Reflection
Module 2 Tackle Your Triggers
Unit 1 Put a Damper on Emotional Eating
Unit 2 Get Rid of Environmental Triggers that Make You Gain Weight
Unit 3 Stay in Control When Late Night Hunger Strikes
Unit 4 The Weight Loss Solution for People Who Hate to Cook
Unit 5 Work With Your Body’s Natural Processes to Control Hunger
Unit 6 Win the Battle of the Bulge: 7 Tips to Increase Self-Control
Unit 7 The Secret to Creating a Sustainable Weight Loss Mindset
Unit 8 Module 2 – Summary and Reflection