Healthy Lifestyle: Your Online Fitness Journey

This exclusive course for Platinum Members Only is designed to help anyone make a lasting and healthy lifestyle change. It takes your hand and gently guides you through the whole process from start to finish. Healthy weight loss, balanced eating habits, balanced lifestyle and mental wellbeing are the priorities of this course.

Module 1 Nutrition
Unit 1 Protein - building blocks of the body
Unit 2 Protein - from which sources?
Unit 3 Carbohydrates - how to eat carbs the smart way?
Unit 4 Fat - the fuel for metabolism
Unit 5 Fiber - why do you need it and where to get it?
Unit 6 Why should you stay well hydrated?
Unit 7 Are micronutrients important to consider in your diet?
Unit 8 Supplements to support and boost your goals
Unit 9 Meal Timing- how often should you eat?
Unit 10 Common problems when starting a new diet
Unit 11 How to eat smart outside your home and on a trip
Unit 12 Artificial sweeteners - what you should know and which ones to avoid?
Unit 13 Eating to lose weight - principles that help anyone eat so that it helps burn fat away with maximal efficiency
Unit 14 Meal Preparation
Unit 15 Macros, Calorie Calculator
Module 2 Physical Activity
Unit 1 Aerobic exercise - principles and a simple guide
Unit 2 Creating an effective workout plan
Unit 3 Daily Physical Activity & NEAT
Unit 4 Nutrition and supplements in support of physical activity
Unit 5 High-intensity aerobic training - kickstart your metabolism
Unit 6 HIIT - fat burning x10
Unit 7 Physical activity Introduction
Unit 8 Physical activity in Practice
Unit 9 Principles of Building Muscles
Unit 10 Resistance training - one of the best tools for burning fat, if used correctly
Unit 11 Fitness Tests
Unit 12 Essential Exercise Equipment
Module 3 Balanced Diet Plan
Unit 1 28 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan
Unit 2 28 Day Vegan Meal Plan
Unit 3 28 Day Paleo Meal Plan
Unit 4 Diet Plan Tables (excel)
Unit 5 Supplement Guide
Module 4 Mental Change, Progress Monitoring and Healthy Habits
Unit 1 How to handle stress and recover more efficiently?
Unit 2 What physiological measurements should you monitor?
Unit 3 What lab tests should you monitor?
Unit 4 What other things should you monitor in your lifestyle change?
Unit 5 How is a lasting lifestyle change achieved?
Unit 6 How to create the right goals just for you?
Unit 7 Preparing for setbacks and challenges
Unit 8 Changing habits, a practical guide
Unit 9 A Winner Mindset
Module 5 Lifestyle
Unit 1 Controlled cheating - good bye emotional eating! How can you “cheat” without a guilty conscience?
Unit 2 How can you enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage without harming your metabolism and health?
Unit 3 Sleep- Overview-Why is it important
Unit 4 How to sleep better? A practical guide
Module 6 Workout
Unit 1 Workout Plan: Beginner gym workout plan
Unit 2 Workout Plan: Intermediate gym workout plan
Unit 3 Workout Plan: Advanced gym workout plan
Unit 4 Workout Plan: 12-week Calisthenics program
Unit 5 Workout Plan: 120-day home workout plan
Unit 6 Stretching Videos
Unit 7 Home Workout Exercise Videos