4 Weeks With Bands Program

This exclusive 4 Week With Bands program is for Platinum Members Only and is designed by my AMAZING colleague Ro Little, Pn1 PTS FIS canfitpro Associate ProTrainer.

Program details:

  • 4 Weeks with BANDS is an online fitness program that uses the power of resistance and tension to help you safely activate your muscles to get stronger in your workouts, and life.


  • This program is geared to ALL fitness levels.  Beginners will love this program - but so will those with more experience.  It’s great for everyone to come back to the bands from time to time to fully activate the muscles.  You will get more out of weighted workouts from doing so.


  • There are 6 unique workouts - each comes as a full workout video with warm up, the full follow along workout, and cool down.  The 6 workouts are:
    1. ACTIVATE - Mondays are all about ACTIVATION and we rock it in this workout!
    2. FEEL THE HEAT - We use the loop band to zone in and really feel the burn in this workout!
    3. LONG & STRONG - A pure resistance workout using long bands.  We’re building muscle and getting stronger!
    4. LOAD & EXPLODE - We are circuiting a move with the band to load, then a power move without the band.  We’re feeling the freedom and exploding through this set!
    5. TEMPO & TENSION - Time under tension is such a beautiful thing - and we are using it to our advantage in this workout.  3 rounds - each at a different tempo.  This is epic!
    6. RELEASE THE TENSION - our final workout of the week.  We’re repairing and recovering.  We’re releasing - and it is delicious!


  • Designed for anyone, anywhere to get an incredible workout - even with limited space and a small budget for equipment.  Perfect for home or travel workouts.


  • EQUIPMENT:  2 types of bands are used in this program.  LOOP (sometimes called mini) bands … and also LONG (sometimes called tube) bands.


  • Workout times average about 30 minutes each.  There are 2 calendars that you can choose to follow.  A 4 day a week and a 6 day a week calendar.  You may choose based on your fitness level, and time availability which to follow.

Disclaimer: Z Physique LLC offers health, fitness, and nutritional information and is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment of health conditions. Please consult your physician or other healthcare professional before beginning or changing any fitness &/or nutrition program to make sure that it is appropriate for your needs. Individual results will vary. Results are not promised or guaranteed.

Module 1 4 Weeks With Bands (Intro Video and Success Guide)
Unit 1 Intro to 4 Weeks With Bands
Unit 2 4 Weeks With Bands Success Guide
Module 2 4 Day A Week Workout Schedule
Unit 1 Week 1- Monday
Unit 2 Week 1- Tuesday
Unit 3 Week 1- Thursday
Unit 4 Week 1- Friday
Unit 5 Week 2- Monday
Unit 6 Week 2- Tuesday
Unit 7 Week 2- Thursday
Unit 8 Week 2- Friday
Unit 9 Week 3- Monday
Unit 10 Week 3- Tuesday
Unit 11 Week 3- Thursday
Unit 12 Week 3- Friday
Unit 13 Week 4- Monday
Unit 14 Week 4- Tuesday
Unit 15 Week 4- Thursday
Unit 16 Week 4- Friday
Module 3 6 Day A Week Workout Schedule
Unit 1 Week 1- Monday
Unit 2 Week 1- Tuesday
Unit 3 Week 1- Wednesday
Unit 4 Week 1- Thursday
Unit 5 Week 1- Friday
Unit 6 Week 1- Saturday
Unit 7 Week 2- Monday
Unit 8 Week 2- Tuesday
Unit 9 Week 2- Wednesday
Unit 10 Week 2- Thursday
Unit 11 Week 2- Friday
Unit 12 Week 2- Saturday
Unit 13 Week 3- Monday
Unit 14 Week 3- Tuesday
Unit 15 Week 3- Wednesday
Unit 16 Week 3- Thursday
Unit 17 Week 3- Friday
Unit 18 Week 3- Saturday
Unit 19 Week 4- Monday
Unit 20 Week 4- Tuesday
Unit 21 Week 4- Wednesday
Unit 22 Week 4- Thursday
Unit 23 Week 4- Friday
Unit 24 Week 4- Saturday