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Arboretum Weekly Fitness Walk Club

September-December 2013

Thank you to all who have participated!

Please email evan@z-physique.com or post a comment below with any questions/comments.  Thank you!

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The sun hadn’t yet touched the ridgeline of Picketpost Mountain on September 28, 2013 when Evan Zingman lead a small group of walkers briskly up the High Trail; enjoying cool hours when BTA annual members were allowed special pre-opening access to the main trail as they ‘road-tested’ Evan’s proposal for a fitness walking club. Conversation ranged from vegetable gardening to recipes, exercise regimens and healthy eating. Goal of the Saturday walk? A new club specifically for BTA members/non-members who want to get a quick 2-3 laps walking the main trail, boost their heart rates, and push their muscles more than on your typical stroll – incentive to get more exercise alongside like-minded BTA members/non-members, enjoying the gardens and trails together. Evan’s an athlete, but his Saturday walk is open to everyone regardless of fitness level, who’d like to participate. Wondering if this walk is for you? Please take a moment to contact Evan: evan@z-physique.com if you have questions.

I’ve been a BTA member for years; I’m also a personal trainer, and we’ll start with basic stretching and warm-up exercises. We’ll circle the main trail twice, that’s approximately 2.1 miles, at a pace that’s reasonable enough to have a good conversation, but also quick enough to get the blood flowing. We’ll pass by Magma Ridge and Ayer Lake, the Drover’s Wool Shed; we’ll stop at a few of the shaded gazebos to try some easy body-weight exercises such as lunges, squats and bench-dips to incorporate both an upper and lower-body workout … all while enjoying magnificent views over the cottonwoods that line Queen Creek Canyon,” says Evan.

“The arboretum is, by far, my favorite place to walk. I’m honored to volunteer and lead a weekly health and fitness walk for the Arboretum! We enjoy some great conversations during the walk — sharing how exercise and nutrition play a key role in a healthy lifestyle. These weekly walks are one way I can give something back to BTA. Who knows, maybe the opportunity to join us could even attract new members who want to experience the beauty of the arboretum, the scenery that I’ve been enjoying for years?”

What to wear? Coach Evan suggests comfortable workout or walking clothes, sturdy walking or hiking shoes, plus a hat & water bottle – trekking poles or a walking stick if you prefer to use one.

Fee? There is no additional fee for the walk.  If you are an annual member, you already have unlimited access to BTA.  If you are not a member, all you need to pay is the admission fee into the park.

“Good Pace,  Good For My Heart, We All Had Fun!”

     If you’re considering our new Saturday Fitness Walks but not quite sure you’d enjoy it, here are quotes from a few participants who hiked with ‘Coach Evan’:

Kathy wrote:thanks, Evan, for the hike – I enjoyed the laps, we kept up a good pace and the high-lows were good for my heart. I also enjoyed stopping twice to do squats and bench dips; stopping during each lap to do something to break things up. Thanks again — great idea.”

Terri wrote: “Hey great walk today, I would like do that on a regular basis – we all had fun today. And I appreciated that you gave many choices… even to opt for one time round the trail, take a breather while the group did ‘Lap #2’, and then pick back up again for the 3rd round. If participants need to use the restroom, it would be easy to catch up — to or just wait till the group comes around again. I like the idea.”

If you would like to learn more about how exercise and nutrition play such an important role in our health, I invite you to enroll in my Weight Management University.  It is a 12 lesson self paced online program which I offer at no charge.  Education is so important and I do not want anyone to miss out.  Click this link for Weight Management 101 and click sign up now for the Free Open Enrollment page.

Just an FYI for those interested and are not yet members: basic membership level to the arboretum is just $50, and that’s for two people – and valid for one year from the date of purchase. You also get two guest passes (a $20 value) at that level, and discounts on plants-books-gifts in the store.

Also, there has been quite a bit of interest in carpooling to the arboretum for the weekly walks. This is a great idea! If that is something you would like to do, please post here or on ZPhysique’s Facebook Page letting people know what area of the valley you are coming from.

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