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[Best] Online Personal Trainer And Nutritionist

Do you want a personal trainer but don’t have the luxury of time to meet with a trainer of go to the gym? If you’re looking for a virtual personal trainer in Gilbert, AZ, then Z Physique is a great solution. Z Physique offers the knowledge and tools needed to achieve your fitness goals completely online, so you can take advantage of this expert training wherever you live, whenever you have time.

Here are our main online tools.

Z Nutrition: Online and Mobile Nutrition System

Eating healthy is pretty much a challenge whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain some muscle, or just to eat healthier overall. We often eat the same foods repeatedly. If you’re eating unhealthy, then you need to reform your eating habits.

To reform your habits, Z Physique introduces Z Nutrition, your personal online and mobile nutrition system. It works by sending you a personalized meal plan and grocery list to your smartphone. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can access the meal plan directly from your computer.

Here are some of the features included in our online and mobile nutrition program:

  • Customized mobile and online account
  • Meal plans and grocery lists sent straight to your smartphone
  • Alternative foods for preferences
  • Weight tracker
  • Online recipe maker

The meal plans and grocery lists are made by licensed professionals that cater to your specific needs. Whether you follow an organic diet or a low sodium diet, we have a program suited for you; just choose from our wide variety of meal plan programs.

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Z FIT: Fitness App

Z FIT allows you to have your own personal trainer online, with you, wherever you go. You can ask any questions to your trainer through the “Ask” feature. Hundreds of workout routines are available and ready to be accessed anywhere you like.

To build a customized session, drag and drop your selected body part and equipment. Log the exercises, workouts, and body stats to monitor your progress. You can even share your workouts and receive challenges from friends.

This fitness app will offer a week by week plan to guide you on the type and intensity of the workout to perform each day. To get mobile, make sure to download the iOS or Android app after you activated your account. We’ll send the link to your email once your transaction is complete.

Onboard 101

Onboard 101 is an online weight management tool which covers a 12 part course that explains all that you need to learn about managing your body. It’s straightforward and doesn’t promote any particular products. It’s definitely the best buddy to any health, fitness, or wellness program.

As you move through these 12 courses, you’ll know that reliable weight management begins in understanding the way your body functions. We call this teaching process, Fitness Onboarding. These courses will help you learn the fine balance and correlation between food and exercise.

Get started with our online personal trainer and nutritionist today! Contact us or visit our store.

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