Anti Aging Food Sources


As we age, our bodies go through various processes inwardly. We have cells that are supposed to go through a certain stage and then die off. Sometimes though, these cells donít die. They can become damaged and are then breeding grounds for diseases – including cancer – and multiply rapidly.

One way to combat that damage is by ingesting foods that are rich in antioxidants. But foods that have plenty of antioxidants aren’t just good for fighting back against diseases. They fight aging, too – and can keep you feeling physically young.

You might not have realized yet how potent food is in the fight to help you keep your youthfulness. But foods like fruits contain powerful doses of vitamin C, which is known to fight against both disease and aging.

You might not be able to prevent growing older, but you can prevent the side effects of aging – like poor skin tone and weakened health. Starting today, you can use anti aging food to keep your body healthy and young inwardly and outwardly.

Have plenty of fruits like cranberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries as part of your every day diet. Some vegetables are good anti aging protectors, too. Have a few servings of carrots, sweet potatoes and romaine lettuce for the benefits these foods offer against aging.

Leafy green vegetables contain a multitude of benefits against aging. They contain calcium and potassium, are rich in beta carotene and lutein, which helps battle aging in the eyes.

For strong bones, look for foods rich in the vitamin K. Some examples of these foods are kale, turnip greens and spinach. Vitamin K helps the body’s heart health as well as bone health.

You’ll see lots of advertisements that go hand in hand with aging, telling people to consume lots of calcium for healthy bones – and while it’s true that you do need calcium for healthy bones, you can’t overlook the benefits of protein in an anti aging diet.

You’ll want healthy meats as your protein, though. Avoid red meats that can cause problems for your heart and opt instead for lean meats like poultry. Fish should be a staple in your meals because of the Omega 3 properties it contains.

Eating plenty of filling foods like whole grains to help battle aging – because they have a lot of fiber, which can protect against certain cancers. Whole grain oatmeal helps keep the heart healthy and is good to fight against health problems that can clog the arteries.

Some foods are known as anti-inflammatory foods and help keep you healthy as they fight against inflammation, which is linked to aging. Besides fruits and vegetables, these foods are olive oils, soy based foods, green tea and dark chocolate.

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